1. I’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression since age 14, I’m 34 now and have been in active addiction…well, exactly between those years.

  2. I blocked elyse Myers 🤦🏼‍♀️ in the beginning I loved her. And then…idk what happened. Everytime she popped up I got so annoyed. I have no reason.

  3. Same! I followed, found her entertaining, then one day I just couldn’t stand when her vids would pop up anymore so I unfollowed. Couldn’t even give a reason why. It’s so strange.

  4. Lovato told Complex in 2015 that Valderrama waited until she was 18 to pursue a relationship: “I was like, ‘Oh my god. You’re so attractive.’ And he was like, ‘You are not 18. Get away from me.’

  5. In the doc she puts her fingers up in a cross motion like, to stave off the devil and it’s painfully, PAINFULLY obvious that she’s lying.

  6. Black Eye Peas would not survive the original version of “Let’s Get it Started.”

  7. They didn’t at the time. That’s why they had another version at the ready.

  8. Pure hope that it will return to what it does best despite all evidence to the contrary: it’s lost what made it amazing and it’ll probably just keep going downhill.

  9. Yes. But getting rid of the thousand dollars worth of drugs she had was absolutely the WRONG move. Did no one consider how that would put her in danger? Obviously she hadn’t paid for them. That’s why normies need to back the fuck off of things they don’t really know about.

  10. Idc what a dumbass, basic, THOT bitch it makes me, Pete Davidson is hott af and I’ll die on that grave 🤣

  11. Ooops haha I meant preach but I like the peaches lol

  12. I do not like the new fans!! Don't get me wrong, Eddie was cool and all and he had a cool character arc, but we didn't get this reaction for Bob when he died.

  13. Yes we did just without the horniness. Justice for Bob was a thing he’s literally the tagline of this sub still

  14. We started at the same time!! Crazy. It’s been so nice reliving the first season. It really is supreme.

  15. The girl has trouble with grammar, it drives me insane considering all of her talk of becoming a lawyer and previously “working in law enforcement”. Girl can’t even express herself correctly, what did she do for work?! That’s wild.

  16. most people who like eddie, wouldnt have been his friend in HS/arent friends with the eddie of their HS if theyre a teenager

  17. I would’ve dated him immediately idk what you’re even talking about. Based on the hair ALONE I’d have snapped him up

  18. You put a serious tag on this so you’re literally looking to a bunch of Reddit randoms to explain why Kylie Jenner is attracted to her boyfriend? Love, what exactly do we know that you don’t? We’re all seeing the same dude, attractiveness is just very subjective and she’s a fan of his whole thing. Anything that we could say about him is very obvious and you could probably make the same inference as we could. She digs him, she’s picking up what has puttin’ down, he makes her tingle in all her special places.

  19. There should be, he’s the actual worst and his bitchy-ass girlfriend isn’t much better.

  20. I never liked freak show, couldn’t even finish it. So I guess I never noticed that lol but yes they brought the camp back after that and it never let. I much preferred the tone of season 2 to any other seasons myself

  21. If you watch the TikTok/YouTube shorts where she does the “roll call” videos and the matching outfit crap it’s obvious that those kids look SOOOOO uncomfortable!

  22. I’ve never seen that! I’ll check it out. Poor kiddos.

  23. Robin was initially supposed to be a new love interest for Steve, which is why she was introduced in s3 as part of Scoops Troop. Her intelligence let her play an integral role in helping the group and in the end her and Steve were supposed to get together. In the process of filming, it was changed as they felt they should no longer get together and that Robin is a lesbian. Being the first (out) gay character on the show, being part of Steve’s crew, and her general wittiness made her a popular character pretty fast, so naturally she stuck around. She obviously doesn’t have any over-arching character arc or anything like that. She’s mainly a comedic character who’s friends with Steve (and now Nancy) and uses her knowledge to help advance the plot when needed. In s4 she helped them find Reefer Rick, got them into Pennhurst, figured out the music thing, etc etc.

  24. Did they decide this after her first monologue to Steve about him, and her second about Tammy? Because it never made sense to me how she pretty much bared her soul about liking him, and then suddenly later it was “Oh, I only noticed all those things about you because SHE liked you”. It made no sense, and felt really weird.

  25. Maya said they decided that Robin and Steve wouldn’t get together when they were filming episode 4 or 5. So before both monologues. Which would make sense because in the one in episode 6 she goes on about how much she strived to be accepted and felt like her life was “one big error”.

  26. Idk I just feel like it was so strangely done, her monologue about Steve was very much “I’m into you, I’m obsessed with you, STEVE” but then, they way they switched it up, “I’m into HER but she only looked at YOU that’s why I knew all of those things about YOU” I mean in reality no one would really do that….or act like that. Idk it’s just off to me.

  27. People can respond to your comments whenever. If you don't like people commenting on things you posted a long time ago delete them lol. Get over it.

  28. Stop trying to defend her and admit that the writers gave her annoying lines. Yes maybe she feels more comfortable around the group but it’s obvious it was the writers making her the silly character and taking it too far.

  29. No, it’s been talked to death. Saying we’re ignoring it like there’s not posts all over this sub discussing this to hell and back already…

  30. Not a Byler fan in the slightest, that said you art is BEAUTIFUL! Love the style, you’re very talented

  31. I could not disagree with you more. Finn Wolfhard is one of the most natural actors on the show. Not only is he excellent with line delivery (which is one of the most difficult things an actor needs to accomplish), but he is also great with body language and subtle facial expressions. You can also always count on him to have the right emotion in the eyes. It never feels acted or forced.

  32. I couldn’t agree more. This post reads as someone who just can’t see nuance, hasn’t seen Wolfhard act in anything else, and has some kind of personal issue with him. All of your points are correct. OP’s post comes off a little half baked.

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