experiment in the sky 3, me, acrylic, 2022

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  1. At the time the told Facebook about it, the FBI had it in their possession.

  2. What was the lie? I'd think that there was nothing on it implicating Joe Biden.

  3. They had the laptop and confirmed it's contents so they knew it was not "Russian Disinformation." This doesn't seem complicated.

  4. They confirmed what contents? As far as I know it's not even for sure that it's his laptop. It certainly isn't for sure that there was anything implicating Joe Biden.

  5. If you are a state employee,pretty sure your boss works for the governor

  6. The fed doesn't control the world's economy

  7. Sure, but thats a function if the strength if the dollar, isn't it? The world is not the Fed's bailywick.

  8. Since the argument the second time wasn't that he was but that he was no longer in office, the question doesn't make sense

  9. I'm guessing the wood was hard to maintain

  10. Lovely! Beautiful brush work and deep colors.

  11. You mean he waited until after Democrats in congress tried to pass a bill and couldn't because of Republican obstruction, so he did what he could? Congress makes laws, not the president.

  12. This doesn't change the laws though right? so tomorrow, someone new can be imprisoned for these offenses since the laws are there on the books?

  13. Well, gee, you're right. Wonder why that isn't happening?

  14. So is it genetic or is it lack of care, in your opinion?

  15. Anytime he does anything popular, the Republicans say he is "pandering to his base. " Some Bernie bros say that too.

  16. True you are right. I was thinking of the curly haired doodles and thought there was no way one could wait 6 months before first grooming.

  17. I have heard the curly dods have a more labor intense coat. They are cute, though.

  18. Depends on the dog's coat. Mine is shaggy, not curly, and I rarely take him for grooming. I do comb/brush daily.

  19. Get rid of this narrative that cops in Seattle are powerless to do anything. They just don’t care enough to do anything for a lot of stuff right now. Lots of reasons but it boils down to they won’t bother.

  20. They are upset about new laws requiring probable cause

  21. This is uncanny valley stuff here. Seriously.

  22. If it works as a medicine for their illness, why wouldn't they ?

  23. Right, and if she acknowledged her children were illegitimate then there would likely be far less of an issue. But she is insistent her children are her heirs, which obviously will lead to a succession crisis.

  24. She is the queen. So it doesn't matter who the dad us. She is the royal blood and they are hers.

  25. Geez, make me feel old! My GRANDMA was born in 1898.

  26. Hence, my continuously reinforced observation that you have literally no idea how much you benefit from the current economic organization

  27. You just can't imagine any system other than what we have, no matter how destructive it is

  28. I can, certainly. But in order to replace it, first you have to understand what it provides. And you clearly do not understand how much it provides to your privileged bottom

  29. You dont seem to know how to talk without insulting me, so . I'm done.

  30. Imagine hating something so much that you take glee when two children are killed. You're far more fucked up and dangerous than the animals you hate so much.

  31. Look at the tone of their post. They're far more excited that they get to post a snarky comment about their pitbull hate than dismay for what happened to these poor kids.

  32. Tone is open to opinion. People with kids should not have pitties

  33. Saying "aid only to colored people" and we should make aid available across all equity lines are a LITTLE different statements.

  34. The biden administration is trying to give federal aid to colored people only. Yes Republicans are totally the issue 🙄

  35. This is absolute nonsense. You need to get your head out if Faux News and go read what VP Harris actually said

  36. Why the expense if the parents don't want it?

  37. ? The crypt and McCoy's are clean spaces (except men's bathroom of McCoy's is gross but its way cleaner than it was pre covid and other than that they wipe down the tables, clear glasses, and empty the cigarette trays often) while having a really cool graffiti and subculture aesthetic and loads of character and tight-knitt community feel. The staff of these bars work really hard, are super friendly, and take pride in the space they create, please don't put them down like that.

  38. Just responding to your comment that implied well 80 was at fault for being new and clean. I like McCoys and liked the Reef, but I like Well 80 also.

  39. I didn't imply at all that well 80 was at fault for being new and clean, I said my avoidance of them was due to cost of drinks and that i dont like feeling like i have to be dressed nicer and look like I have lots of cash to spend to go in there than i would ley voyeur, the crypt, or McCoy's. You implied that bars like the ones I listed were unclean and I responded with saying that just because they have a rougher exterior does not mean that they also can't be clean just like well 80. i wasnt trying to put down well 80 for being clean.

  40. I don't think that at all, and never said that Well80 was one of the "few clean bars downtown." On the occasion of the delicious grilled cheese and tomato soup, everyone in my party was wet and muddy, and nobody cared. IMO, criticizing Well80 for being new is unfair. I'm always glad to see new things move into vacant spaces downtown.

  41. The idea that people would chose to clean toilets if everything is provided for them. Or, the idea that people open businesses to not make a profit.

  42. Life is hard. We can manipulate money and politics to serve our self interest and through neglect cause an entire city to go without water. Great philosophy.

  43. And the entity responsible for all of that - the government. The same entity you want to give more power to. Great philosophy.

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