1. When I was pregnant I ate so much penne noodles with prego tomato sauce. Now I wanna throw up every time I see a can of prego

  2. No youre just upset that no one else wants to play your weird sports with you lol

  3. World Baseball Classic was like last week

  4. Breaking Bad but a lot of that is because it's so short

  5. it was tifa last time, she shows up on the subreddit sometimes. Dunno who betty was.

  6. Man, I was so disappointed when I got the notification. I don't think I'll be listening to this one. Can't stand her.

  7. Edit: These events happened when I was seven years old. I was barely even sure I was a person by that point and had no control over anything that happened. If you want to get mad at what happened, be mad at my parents, the adults in that situation. I have several stories about them on my account. I have two cats now as an adult myself and they are doing very well (Besides one of them deciding to go into heat just as I set the spay appointment and making me reschedule lol, but shit happens!)

  8. 20% unless the service was really, really bad. Sometimes as high as 50% if the service was really great.

  9. I don't tip nor do I ever think of tipping. I tip only when i feel rich ( just feel rich).

  10. Damn why don't you take a look at your own reflection

  11. The discount is not having to interact with anyone

  12. Did you make a reddit account just to let us know?

  13. Yes with 95% of what she says is true and that’s why her following is growing. People are tired of the left wing bullshit people be feeding y’all. The haters know it’s true too that’s why they’re on her d**ck

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