1. Thank you for sharing, very thoughtful and insightful. Wonderful food for thought and something to pursue

  2. I'm super glad you found it helpful! Is there a certain point that interested you over the others?

  3. yeah in my mind that falls in the sound design area, but yeah as you see many of these are interleaved! You can think of it however works best for you! Which one of these do you normally play around with? :)

  4. I think you definitely need some kind of system to gauge your improvement! :) Have you ever used a reference in your daw before?

  5. Might not be everyone's cup of tea but I'd love some feedback on this experimental/musique concrete short piece I made. Thanks for listening !

  6. Cool sound design man, do you also do some more edm stuff? With those skills it'd be dope!

  7. While easier said than done, what you're saying is 100% true.

  8. Ah man, sorry to hear that. It sounds like it is going better for you now a days though?

  9. Ok but what to do if your tracks are ready?

  10. There are a few different areas you can focus on. Are you making more club or popular music, or more atmospheric and cinematic stuff?

  11. I really like this post. I know a lot of people some are friends some are strangers. Lots of people say they wanna learn how to produce but aren't interested in the actual process of learning. Watching countless tutorials online or reading music production books if you're not into it to a certain level you won't actually commit. It'll just be a fantasy job. However I don't judge people like this because I'm that way with crypto trading. I want to do it it's a fantasy but I'm not interested in putting in the hours to actually learn it. Music production came a little naturally for me since my dad and later step dad were both music producers.

  12. That's awesome that your family are producers! I am a little confused though. Are you saying you have some talent for production but don't want to pursue it?

  13. I am pursuing it lol I'm saying people who claim to want to do it but not as interested as the rest of us who put in the hours

  14. Ahh you were speaking as if the other people. Yeah totally get what you are saying now. Unfortunately, that does seem to be the major blocker for people!

  15. Good day everyone, I am looking into my first MIDI keyboard, and I am unsure if i should be getting one that has 25 keys as I see that is average for a MIDI. Or if i should get a 32+key keyboard.

  16. Hello! A 25 key midi is two octaves; so you would unlikely to be able and play left and right hand compositions if that is important to you. If you are only using the midi to record one voice or chords with no bass, the 25 keys should be good!

  17. I think the key here is to create both CLARITY and some sort of ROUTINE. Creating music (or art in general) often implies endless possibilities: You can choose between over 60 different snare sounds, thousands of synths, make tiny tweaks to your melody that sounds good either way and you could always 'add another layer' to your song. Personally, I see so many things that I could change or add that it gets really stressful when trying to do everything at once.

  18. Absolutely! It used to take days to make a track, but after implementing a set routine I could get most of my song out in the same day!

  19. First of all, no worries, it's normal! Then I'd say the first thing should definitely be focusing on the technical aspect first, like learning the daw well enough so that you can start having fun with the creative side without stressing out too much

  20. Welcome mate, I'm curious btw, what kind of music are you trying to make?

  21. Love this . Thanks for taking the time to write this . Everyone has doubts at some point but it's places like this where you can learn and refine your craft !

  22. My pleasure giving back to the community! What is that resonated with you?

  23. Been making and selling music professionally for years now only with a pair of headphones an audio interface and a laptop (including mixing and mastering).

  24. First post of this kind that I’ve seen yet. Which is bizarre in of itself. Perhaps it’s a difficult admission for many of us to make. In which case, what’s your favorite character EQ?

  25. Not sure how it relates to the post ahah but anyways elysia is probably my favourite, what about you?

  26. I’ve been focusing mostly on remaking existing stuff for a very long time, and making meme posts for exactly this reason. Trying to throw composing and arranging into that while I’m still figuring out the basics of sound design, ear training, and mixing would just be too much. But now that I’ve got the technical side at a usable level, I’m finally starting to have some important theory concepts like how scales relate to each other and how surprisingly easy to process modal mixture is and soon I’ll be starting to write my own melodies and harmonies thanks to not being overwhelmed by everything else

  27. Bingo, my friend! Have fun with the learning, what genre are you in?

  28. I feel like I need a mentor tbh because I’ve been doing this by myself and it absolutely feels like that year after another and as each year progresses I feel like I don’t know anything even more than I did before. I don’t have proper tools, I use free vsts and still make it sound decent but I still feel like I’m not doing it right. I would send my beats to other producers who I’ve met and they’d just say “it’s good keep working at it” and that’s fine but it almost feels like they’re just saying that to avoid critiquing it or they don’t want to be rude. Sorry for the mini rant lol but nonetheless this still makes me feel better that I’m not the only one

  29. Sorry to hear you feel like that, hope the post encouraged you a little bit! Also if you feel it might help to get some unbiased feedback feel free to shoot a link to some you've made in the chat, I'm down sending my opinion, costs me nothing to help a brother out!

  30. Thanks for the cathartic post mate :) i experience all of these feelings daily hahaha

  31. Ahah I'm happy it resonated! I'm curious, how do you usually deal with those feelings?

  32. I have definitely first-hand witnessed the devastation procrastination can have on your music career. I started trying to learn how to produce in 2016 and if I had stuck with it consistently who knows what I'd be doing now. In 2020 I trained my voice (I'm trans M2F), got a lot of confidence, changed my image and became a vocalist, and now I'm very much ready to produce after this hectic life I've had. If you're a normal human you sleep for 8 hours a day, and that leaves 16 hours to deal with. We only ever live within the confines of those 16 hours, not in the future. Whatever happens tomorrow is a result of what happens TODAY, so I try to make good use of those 16 hours. If you're not putting in the hours then you're not getting better and it will always remain just a dream.

  33. Seems like you put a lot of effort in your music! what is your genre?

  34. 3 is the most important! If this isn't your real desire you'll never gonna make it. To devote yourself to music production means you're throwing away your chance to have much more profitable jobs. We do this mostly because of love, keep that in mind.

  35. Great words man! what kind of music are you into?

  36. Hey man, its totally possible, I don't really know much about music theory and I am already making professional music. I'm a bit in a rush now but I wanted to shoot some advice, let me know if thats ok!

  37. Hey mate I'm a bit in a rush now but I want to shoot some advice and feedback, I thought I'd send a dm later, let me know if that's cool with you!

  38. Hey mate I'm a bit in a rush now but I want to shoot some advice, I thought I'd send a dm later, let me know if that's cool with you!

  39. First make sure the quality of the music is at a standard that would work in the industry. It might sound obvious but that's a step that's overlooked by most producers and so they waste years reaching out to labels and promoting when in reality the music is still lacking (and so all their reachouts and promotion go wasted). I don't know about your music specifically but I just wanted to shoot a heads up! Also if you want feek free to shoot some music over and I'll be happy to shoot some feedback as to wether the music can work in the industry, hope it can help you out!

  40. Music is indeed spiritual, after all, everything is frequency and vibration and that's what music is all about!

  41. Agreed :) our job is to raise the vibration! What kind of music do you make? :)

  42. That is super cool man. Also curious to ask, so making a full track takes you only a single day? Or are you talking about single ideas and loops? Sounds like super fast for a full track start to finish!

  43. Been working in the industry professionally for years both producing for others and selling my own music for things like licensing for example (here some of my music:

  44. Hey mate, I'm a bit in a rush now but I wanted to shoot some advice, I thought I'd send a dm later, let me know if that's cool with you!

  45. Hey mate, I'm a bit in a rush now but I wanted to shoot some advice, I thought I'd send a dm later, let me know if that's cool with you!

  46. It really depends on what you want to achieve with your vocal. Im a bit in a rush now but can send some advice on dm later if thats cool!

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