[OC] I showered for the first time in 2022

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  1. NTA while I totally agree with you I’m not American so my opinion doesn’t count for much. What I don’t understand is why people were chill with firing into the air in the middle of a city, surely that’s against so many laws? Or do I not understand guns and bullets shot into the air just keep on going until they hit a UFO?

  2. YTA stay out of it. Also, of course they said no to a speech your mum hates the fiancé. You can’t possibly believe she was going to give a nice, loving speech? She was going to use that platform to be rude. If you can’t see that you really are enabling.

  3. How central are you looking? Maybe look a bit further out from the centre but with decent transport links, you can be in central in 45 from Colliers Wood and the prices may be cheaper. Either end of the northern or Victoria lines are still super convenient in to the city and quick, you could try Walthamstow, Tottenham or Tooting and you may be far enough out tourists don’t bother.

  4. Lol yes, not saying it’s going to be glamorous but nothing wrong with staying there for a week.

  5. YTA ‘it’s been amazing to see their journey together, their highs and lows. Even at their lows they realised they loved each other more and grew stronger and I’m so happy to see them end up together’ was as much detail as you needed to include to get the sentiment across. You didn’t need to do a blow by blow account of their actions as teenager.

  6. Croatia or Turkey. If you drive you could do day trips at either. Turkey Antalya and driving down the coast is fun and Croatia there are so many amazing beach towns.

  7. Brilliant answer, really fun city with great weather and loads to see. Plus you can always go down the coast for a bit of a beach day.

  8. To stop the seatbelt indicator from beeping without having to actually put the seatbelt on

  9. Makes sense, like when I stop the annoying beeping by taking the batteries out my carbon monoxide detector.

  10. Darling you’re always a person, you just feel it better today. I really hope days like today come more often for you, they may not at first but you deserve them to be every day.

  11. YTA ‘I had no intention of changing my plans for one person’ despite that person being one of your closest friends and the fact you could do Disney at any point but a local, less insanely expensive bachelorette would have meant she could be there and wouldn’t put such an insane strain on all your other bridesmaids.

  12. It is extra sick that FSIL asked for funds from OOP because she knew that OOP had money due to being RECENTLY WIDOWED. The gall, cheek, audacity, and gumption of asking someone to give you a chunk of the life insurance money from their husband’s passing for your wedding…

  13. I know!!! It’s not like she’s won the lottery, she’s got that insurance money because she is now a single parent and is without a second income. That money is for her and the kids to make sure they have a future. Not to throw about at a wedding.

  14. NTA it’s your summer, her going out with friends isn’t more important than you doing try same thing. I bet your family is unaware of how many hours you’ve been putting in anyway, she probably down plays it as an occasional hour of help.

  15. NTA but what does he contribute to this relationship? Your kids are in school all day and you work and the come home and cook and clean. Nothing would be different if he wasn’t there so he may as well get a job and then he can suggest 30 bucks for hair care. Also, you can get decent anti-dandruff stuff for a lot less or maybe include her in the decision if she’s interested.

  16. Your idea sounds perfect. I think the pin is so sweet, maybe instead of flowers a gift voucher though. It could be for a flower place but then it’ll be easier for her to get them delivered to her home and she can choose ones that she’s loves. Or even a voucher for somewhere else she can pamper herself a little bit. Even boots or Amazon are great, or for Treatwell so she can get a beauty treatment or something.

  17. It’s really impressive how emotionally intelligent you are given your are! I think maybe you should focus on the things you can control in the situation, talk to your stepmom and tell her what you’ve said here and that you don’t want your Grandma to drive her away. I’m sure she’d appreciate it and knowing you’re on side may make it easier for her to deal with things.

  18. “Our connection is too strong to be destroyed by 30 minutes of poor decision making.”

  19. It’s not the 30 minutes of poor decision making, it’s her realising she’s married to a man who thinks ‘shag 21 year old’ is a good thing to put on their bucket list.

  20. NTA this is so sweet, I bet your kids love the fact grandpa lives close and comes to visit them regularly. If he’s happy that’s all that matters. It seems nice and he’s only 62, there is nothing wrong with him living like that.

  21. NAH yes she behaved badly but sounds like she’s not in a good state. You’re a good partner.

  22. YTA you’ve waited two weeks to tell your partner?! Your sister has also known this whole time?! Your baby isn’t a prop to be used to show you’re the worlds best wife. You don’t get to choose when he gets involved, this is his kid too.

  23. I wouldn't call Brenda a bully. She has a strong personality and she can be egocentric sometimes. She dislikes Bryan's wife and she tells us things about her but I've never seen her bully her outright. Brenda was somewhat bossy to Bryan when they were growing up but I always chalked it up to sibling rivalry but I know that she deeply cares about him.

  24. He literally told you why he moved. And had told you multiple times. And now your kids have told you. And you’ve seen Brenda be mean to him and other people.

  25. NTA who on earth actually cares about the numbers not being even? What impact will it have on the day?

  26. NAH I admire your fierce independence but it’s not about you any more. Like it or not this kid is partly your ex’s and always will be, if he wants to be involved in their life he will be and outright rejecting everything now is going to make it harder to get on good parenting terms later.

  27. YTA so what if he’d have said yes, it’s common courtesy to ask. All the fluff about ‘it was my birthday’ doesn’t matter. You share a space so you both get a say on how that space is used.

  28. I think, one of my biggest regrets (and I only have a few) was how I treated women growing up. Don't get me wrong, I didn't do anything horrific but my attitude to women needed checking. I can't do much about it now other than be better going forward.

  29. But you’re lucky you can look back now and realise you’ve changed, not everyone can say that!

  30. I’m confused as to why Lila was able to read the label at the backwards hotel oblivion, trying to check this thread to see if anyone else clocked it. Felt like they focused on the alien writing a few too many times. Or can she speak a lot of languages and I’ve just forgotten that detail?

  31. I think she speaks a lot of languages. In a flashback from season two when it shows the Handler raising/training Lila, one scene has them walking down a hallway speaking in another language.

  32. That makes sense, I just felt like the camera lingered on it a bit too long and it felt almost significant. But I’ve not got a good history of guessing significant things!

  33. NTA you gave him multiple warnings and made it clear the consequences. This wasn’t a thoughtless hand on her arm as he walked by which could be put down to just forgetting, this was deliberate attempts to inappropriately touch your wife. The fact he refuses to stop even after she asks him is incredibly concerning, you did the right thing morally and as a husband.

  34. Even if your wife didn't have PTSD, I find it very strange that your brother tries to give her shoulder massages, especially when she's asleep.

  35. My theory is that he doesn’t ‘believe’ in mental health issues and is affronted because ‘family’ doesn’t treat each other like that and is trying to catch her out in a lie or force her to be affectionate.

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