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  1. Did anyone else notice that the cucumbers on the hat are NOT PICKLED? Lol

  2. AITA for not having the same problem with me but it is a bit hard for us? We can talk to me when I was in a mood and then you didn't have time for kids. You are a great teacher for the most boring day of your year. You are the only thing I have; a holiday in my head for a while since we have been in a part-time school for the last two weeks. So AITA? IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS OR NOT A DONG.

  3. Well the reason stoicism and gentleman conduct and all that stuff is because me are arguably more emotional than women, otherwise we'd cause chaos (more than usual)

  4. Kinda like how Vulcans must learn to control their emotions and follow only logic?

  5. OP said that it's been 4 weeks already, and it hasn't cleared up.

  6. Was about to say in before the sunscreen parrots come out despite you already saying you use it... unsurprisingly too late 😌

  7. Actually I think a lot of their videos aren’t available in Canada, could be wrong though lol bad example if so

  8. Must be on Hulu or Peacock! We don't get those ones.

  9. Key and Peele is available in Canada on Crave, but I know a lot of people don't subscribe to Crave.

  10. But I DO! Thanks, I'm excited to check it out! On vacation atm, but I know what I'm doing next week :)

  11. Just realized you’re right, this doesn’t seem to be a big kink with women.

  12. Women don't often see their partners as objects that can be be shared.

  13. Like I said; they occaisionally do, but not often. It was already pointed out that it is more common for men.

  14. Funny because when I learn that a fragrance is being discontinued or reformulated i lose all interest i had in it. One because i wont be able repurchase if i like it and two because those who love it or have it as signature should get those bottles in my opinion, because i have had a signature discontinued and it sucks.

  15. Wow, I am really glad that you said this; what an awesome way to reframe the scarcity mentality! So helpful :)

  16. Dish soap instead of oil/butter their both slippery so they must be interchangeable right?

  17. I honestly baked a loaf of bread using dish soap instead of oil a couple of months ago. I was so confused. "What's wrong with my bread?" Figured it out after tasting it, though the smell should have been a giveaway. Yuck.

  18. How? The bottles are way different right?

  19. It was in a glass bottle with one of those special pouring spout things that usually go on liquor bottles. My neighbours gave it to me, with a box of other things, when they moved across country and didn't want to take everything with them.

  20. I wonder if you have tried melatonin for sleep? My son also refused to sleep for hours and hours, every night. I resisted using melatonin, but finally tried it after another mom saw me struggling and gave me a few dissolving tablets. It worked astonishingly well. I use melatonin gummies now, and my son is happy when he gets one. He loves falling asleep easily, no fighting and no tears, and I love it too :). Our quality of life went up drastically.

  21. The green wrap dress and the black with the lace sleeves. Both are so pretty and both are super flattering. Legs for days.

  22. I mean, maybe not nowadays; hospitals are pretty desperate for warm bodies with a license right now...

  23. That's true, but their policies have not changed to reflect it 🙄

  24. “1820 wasn’t that long ago, in the grand scheme. Considering in the context of how people were treated.”

  25. Ugh, he's just "that one guy" who has to argue over every little thing and use his "logic" to put women in their place. Ignore him.

  26. I need a 6 piece spicy nug from Wendy’s with ranch. No sharing. Those are my terms.

  27. I've been looking into tasers, as guns aren't accessible in my country. Does anyone have thoughts on tasers? I'd love to hear some pros and cons.

  28. My uncle trased himself out of curiosity. Apparently it's the worst pain he ever felt.

  29. I got here and it feels like I have a second apartment outside. It’s a shame I don’t know anyone here or I would’ve had a killer housewarming party.

  30. I can pop over on the clipper from Victoria for this party 🥳 lol

  31. Lol,good point. I must've been dehydrated when I said that. My brain was unlubricated!

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