1. I’d love to visit! I just restarted so I need all the stars I can get lmao

  2. In vino veritas as they say. At least now you know how (at least) his subconscious is. Avoid at all costs, don’t waste another second on this man. My ex used to be an extremely angry drunk and I brushed it off at first ~ but that’s just how some people are. I don’t want to give you false hope but my best friends husband was like this, and he DID give up drinking completely, and they’ve been fine ever since. But again, he stopped drinking altogether. At the end of the day, don’t listen to his words, listen to his actions. And listen to your gut always

  3. Would I be able to swing by for the capsule toy machine on the right?

  4. Zodiac set pls, thank you for hosting! ✨💕

  5. Very modest citycore with a lot of pink & white decor <3

  6. Hi, F26 here! I’d love to join your discord! Sounds like so much fun! <3

  7. Heya! F26 here! Feel free to add me SW-5325-6636-2604

  8. Beautiful!! I’d love to win<3 thanks for doing this!

  9. May I come see Celeste if you’re still open?

  10. I’d like to see Celeste if you’re still open!

  11. Do you have any left? If so I’d love some <3

  12. havent heard frm u & am now going afk for a bit

  13. Hamtaro <3 I remember waking up super early with my sister to watch it!

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