(OC) My boyfriend spotted this kitten in the middle of the road a few days ago. Took her home and got her vet checked the next day. Determined that she has Cerebeller Hypoplasia. Her, us, and our 3 other kitties are learning and adapting to her specialness.

I needed this today

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  1. I would remove the metal railing that is making it look like a Juliet balcony & put a large piece of art there.

  2. We close in 3 weeks and I’ll be able to get more pictures. I would love to hear all the advice! I like very clean lines, but not cold feeling. Nice and specific, right? I’m not sure how to send you pics but I’d love to hear your thoughts. This is so overwhelming.

  3. The Nocturn Blue would be gorgeous against white trim & definitely paint the door as well.

  4. Okay so 2 weeks and counting… Nocturn blue is gorgeous! White trim, for sure, but what to do with the vanity? White? I am thinking matte black fixtures. if not those, then what? I’m not a fan of chrome and I don’t love gold, but don’t hate it if it’s used right. I would love to swap out the med cabinet for just a mirror with a chunky frame, too ETA: corrected spelling errors

  5. I would paint the vanity white, but it is going to make the countertop look even more beige. Can you replace the vanity & flooring?

  6. Check out selectblinds.com; since that window is so close to the adjacent wall, on the right side, a curtain rod might not be possible.

  7. Thanks! Should I stick to white blinds if I go that route since the trim is white or could I do a wood similar to the bedroom furniture?

  8. You could do any color that you want; they even have patterned ones, just depends on your style. They have blackout shades also.

  9. Swimmers syndrome; will need physical therapy to learn how to use its back legs properly & the sooner the better.

  10. Get some peel & stick flooring tiles to freshen up the floor; paint the entryway an accent color since you have a neutral shade in the living room & either hang a coat rod in that small area & put a small closet door on it (the wood kind that have the slats in them) or put a cool looking coat rack. Also. is that green flooring just a rug? I would get rid of that & continue the same flooring.

  11. It is the color that is off. If you end up painting it the same as everything else it is going to be way too much of the same color.

  12. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! You're very pretty & the makeup looks very natural. If it is an evening wedding, I would amp it up a bit, but for a daytime or beach wedding is lovely.

  13. We have a lakehouse (built in the 70's) that had dark paneling & a fireplace with a shiny brass insert. I painted the paneling & the fireplace & changed out the insert & it looks so much better. I also did built in shelves on both sides of the fireplace & that really updated it as well.

  14. The random coffee table all by itself doesn't make any sense in the space; why isn't in front of the sectional?

  15. I would do built ins on both sides all the way up to the ceiling. Put open shelves on top to display pretty stuff & cupboards below for added storage.

  16. round w/ a satin brass finish & either a glass or marble top

  17. Cute room, but rug is too small & you need a round coffee table; one with a satin brass finish & either a glass or marble top.

  18. You need a large rug to go under the couch & coffee table; some pillows with texture & color would be nice. I would also get a floor lamp in metal (satin brass finish) with a large metal dome (with curved arm) to go next to the couch.

  19. Way more concerned with the incredibly out of balance TV stand; it looks like it will topple @ any given moment.

  20. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for loving her & she will enrich your lives beyond belief!

  21. Believe it or not, a controlled fire with gasoline & they won't typically grow back

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