1. Believe it or not but back in like 2021 you could date a minor as an adult

  2. when it came out you could try for a baby at 13

  3. Oh it’s not “safe” it’s just my favorite

  4. actually i think my worst google search ever was "how much does kendall jenner weigh"

  5. earlier my boyfriend said to me, "you are so tiny i could crush you. ma petite style."

  6. no. in the prime of my ed all i ate was bongs

  7. my boyfriend was talking about the recent event and i scream quoted this. he didn’t get it, i have failed him.

  8. my boyfriend follows 10 people and 2 of the accounts are mine 0:’) the standards this man has set

  9. But it's weird to me that Barbara has no symtoms at all? You typically don't die of AIDS before symptoms start showing.

  10. So aids started a fire outside the bar? Aids attacked Gino on fire island? 😑😑😑

  11. understandably weird though that they did all go to the hospital however when you use big daddy as a metaphor for AIDS and homophobia, it could’ve just been someone else burning it down.

  12. for the fire i think it was still a metaphor. you can connect it to the end montage of big daddy killing everyone around gino. AIDS was just killing everyone and spreading like wild fire.

  13. yes. i am a straight woman in my 20s, didn’t live through the AIDS epidemic but since literally episode one i have been crying about how gay men were treated in the 80s. i knew it was bad but to actually see it, was something so devastating.

  14. also i want to add that even though some things didn’t get "wrapped up" and were left to our own imagination, it was still wonderfully written and the big daddy metaphor was 10/10. my bf isn’t watching it but i have been telling him about it every week, he thinks it’s "stupid" that we knew it was AIDS since the early episodes but they didn’t. that is quite literally the point, AIDS was killing everyone and they had no idea. this season was terrifying and heartbreaking. it doesn’t have to be satan to be scary.

  15. how many calories are in a twisted tea and do blunts have calories. ah, to be 16 again.

  16. What a masterpiece of a season. It might be the only one I can’t bring myself to watch again. They didn’t go for campy or supernatural, they just straight up ripped my heart out.

  17. FOR REAL. I’ve been telling myself the last few weeks that once it’s all out, I’ll binge it so I can see the story all together… nope. I’m all set. I can’t do that to myself again.

  18. I at least expected Fran to be at Gino’s funeral. They had that kind of love/hate friendship/rivalry going on throughout the season.

  19. I am curious on how Kim K feels. She’s obviously been dieting and loosing a lot of weight in the last year and to see her ex with someone so very thin must be triggering.

  20. I would be violently screaming and crying if I was her

  21. While it feels very different in tone that what normal AHS feels like, I’ve enjoyed the season more than I ever expected to. It is just a different kind of horror.

  22. I love this season! It’s definitely top 5 favorite seasons so far.. and if they don’t fumble the finale it might even make it to my top 3

  23. she is my all time favorite ahs character

  24. Same😭 I know Patrick, Gino, Theo, Barabra, and Hannah. Everyone else is a mystery

  25. this just made me realize i have no idea what my favorite character this season is named

  26. My theory for the finale based off of the finale promo video I saw on YouTube:

  27. … really hoping your theo theory is correct. im in shambles he was my favorite. regardless of aids running around i was still wishing for a white picket fence for him and adam :’-(

  28. im 4 days late but. i understand, my eye turns in sometimes (im blind) and i hate it. i feel like i can never be pretty because of it. every time I fight with a girl i get a comment attacking my eye. … but… every person who has ever truly loved me, loves my little cross eye. i have always thought they were insane, how could they compliment that? i went to see what you looked like and wow. i get it now. i love your little cross eye, you are so beyond beautiful and i think it’s so cute!!!

  29. is it better now by post malone? your vocaroo kinda sounds like it haha

  30. wowww i used to love "a haunting" not sure what episode it would be but thank you for the reminder that this show exists!

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