1. Just wanted to add something, I have three cats and before I wash anything with a ton of fur, I go over it with a lint roller a few times. Makes a big difference for me.

  2. For some reason I can’t see the bot’s questions anymore so I’ll do my best!

  3. When you take out the decorations and rinse them with hot tap water, you kill all the beneficial bacteria that processes ammonia. It’s likely that there’s a ton of ammonia, surface bubbles usually happen when there’s ammonia. You need a test kit to check the parameters.

  4. Holes on the bottom. Don’t do rocks for drainage, it doesn’t work well. Do 75% perlite with potting mix on the bottom, then a layer of 50/50 perlite/soil, then a regular potting soil mix on top. It’s drains better but can still wick the moisture up from the bottom.

  5. Yup, first time I did it, I just stood and watched for the whole 15 minute bath lol

  6. I feel like it might have actually been big TP herself, she’s probably having a breakdown after that frenemies episode lol

  7. This is awesome but isn’t it a bit cruel to keep fish in a small dark bucket 24/7? Especially goldfish since they grow to be massive?

  8. I made sure the flow rate and the quantity of water was sized for the quantity of fish/ the system was not overstocked. I also ensured the quality of water was safe for the fish.

  9. Ah I see, good to know they’re not still in there lol. I’d love to see what you could accomplish with more space!

  10. That's actually a bad sign though. It means the fan isn't extracting as much oil from the air as it should, and most of it ends up in the air, settling onto surfaces instead of in the fan filters.

  11. Is that still true if the prior tenants just didn’t use the fan?

  12. No, but since we don't know how much they used it, it's still something to keep an eye on and inspect whether the fan is functioning properly.

  13. That’s pretty interesting, thanks for the info ☺️

  14. Honestly my legs were like this. Couldn’t win. Finally just started waxing. It’s infinitely better in so many way. If your kegs are like mine, they’re probably going to freak at first but if you stick with it your skin adjusts and so does your hair. I have waxed so long at this point that the hair grows in fine enough that when I do shave (I am now at the point where I can exclusively wax in winter and shave in summer) it’s a pretty successful experience. And it obviously lasts so much longer. I encourage you to try it!

  15. Same for me, waxing is so much better and easier than shaving.

  16. They’re pretty delicious and make a bowl of strawberries or yogurt feel like a dessert.

  17. Those are not maggots, they’re black soldier fly larva. Harmless and great for making compost but yours is way too soggy. Do you have any space on the ground to dump it and mix it with dead leaves? Even crumpled news paper or shredded cardboard would help.

  18. I LOVE how your hops are set up, I’m gonna remodel my farm to do this now lol

  19. That’s a perfect border, now it looks complete 😍

  20. Sometimes I feel like people just post here fishing for compliments.

  21. Yup, I thought this was a joke a second 🙄

  22. Gotta make the r lowercase for the link to work =)

  23. NTA, this is so hilarious to imagine and even more hilarious that your sister is mad about it. She sounds like a huge weirdo lol.

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