1. They revealed him to be alive at the end of S2, so it's technically not a spoiler, but it would have been better to leave him out of the trailers, I guess.

  2. Everything to do with Sookie and kitchens needs to have a neon sign reading HEALTH HAZARD. She does a whole lot of things that real-life chefs/cooks wouldn't do. Once you notice how wasteful/hazardous she is it's an entirely new world.

  3. Till The World Stops Turning by Kaleb Jones which played in S8:E15, We're Planning A June Wedding. Bonnie and Damon were slow-dancing at Caroline and Stefan's wedding. Damon led her into a turn and she turned into Enzo's arms. The ghost of Enzo, technically. It was such a sweet and beautiful moment and the song choice was perfect.

  4. The combination of the writing and acting was excellent in portraying Rory and Jess dancing around each other's feelings. They were awkward in a charming and believable way. It helps that all of the tension between them was built through longing glances and engaging one-on-one conversations. The timeline of the characters falling in love matches that of Alexis and Milo falling in love IRL at the time, too, so that's adorable.

  5. It's hardly a dark turn for her character. She was seventeen years old and overcome by an intense crush on someone that wasn't her boyfriend. She was impulsive (one of Rory's character traits) and made a decision that had unintended consequences. Rory attending the graduation wouldn't have had the same oomph had she gone to NYC and made it back in time. In fact, having her miss Lorelai's graduation was the easiest, least-harmful, and most believable way to go about the entire conflict.

  6. The way I understood it was that she wasn't being academically challenged in that English class because remember, she had to drop down two levels according to Abby and Norah. Although most of her friends were in that class, everybody was goofing off, not paying attention, busy on their phones, and so forth.

  7. For all the people asking about who hates Bonnie, you'd be surprised about how despised this character was. I'm not an OG fan, but I've read the old discussion threads and blog posts and most people didn't like her at all. She wasn't a fan favorite until S6, and even then it was rocky. Throw in the fandom racism and you've got yourself a, uh, situation. I've loved her since the beginning, though.

  8. I don't know that she gets more likable, because some of her irritating traits stay with her until the end of the series, but she was always an entertaining/good character to most people. Entertaining Character ≠ Good Person. Good Character ≠ Good Person. I think for all the shit Rory gets regarding her friendships (mostly unwarranted, IMO), she was always far more understanding of Paris than she deserved. But yes, Paris is a very beloved character. Liza Weil is also a great actress and makes the character somewhat charming.

  9. https://giphy.com/gifs/gfr82LhaHEwsJFZcuV

  10. I thought Billie fans were called Eylashes/Eilishes idk how to spell it

  11. Not Billie Eilish. Billlie (with 3 'L's) is a K-Pop group.

  12. The audience picks and chooses which characters deserve defense. I made a post a few months ago about how fans pick and choose which characters get to hide behind being teenagers. If you're going to defend Rue by saying that she's just a teenager, those same rules apply to Jules, Maddy, Cassie, Kat, and Lexi.

  13. Not only is it unfair to hold chapters hostage, the strategy makes little sense to me because readers can only give kudos once. Your regular readers are now being punished for other folks that possibly simply clicked on your story (not read) not giving it kudos.

  14. https://giphy.com/gifs/5t9wJjyHAOxvnxcPNk

  15. I’m so tired if this sub because of the number of people constantly hating on Ginny. A 16 year old girl who has no sense of stability, who is trying to recover from self-harming because it was the only thing that made her feel like she had control in her life. If people are hating on Ginny then they should be hating on Georgia just as much if not more.

  16. You're absolutely right and you should say it. The hate for Ginny and absolute love for Georgia frustrates me to no end.

  17. This is a really good post! I've never understood the hate for Ginny, tbh. For all that she's been through, the things she does/the way she acts have alwys been understandable to me. And as much as I really love Georgia as a character on her own, I do not love her as a mother.

  18. It'd be great not to think of these teenagers in black and white. There is no ideal in them because they each have good and bad in them, but most of them are mostly good. Marcus is less of a red flag in the first couple of episodes (he has his moments, though) and more like someone that doesn't need to be in a relationship right now for his own sake, as you'll discover. For the most part, he's a good kid. He and Ginny understand each other far better than Ginny and Hunter ever will at this point in time.

  19. The internet was ruthless towards this character, especially in 2021, and I really don't get it. People say she's selfish and mean and never takes responsibility but she's apologized and admitted to her mistakes almost every single time. People say that she hates Georgia when that couldn't be further from the truth (this girl loves her mother, okay?) The worst part is that I don't get the Georgia stans that go full force in hating Ginny. Ginny doesn't know Georgia as the audience does, and it doesn't help that Georgia has a habit of bottling things up and piling lies on top of each other.

  20. No. Although the audience gets these little clues that Marcus isn't doing too well, he hides his shit well enough. In-universe, it's probably hard for people outside of his family to differentiate between his usual angst and broodiness and his depressive episodes. It's not difficult to understand why Ginny would be blind to Marcus and his mental health issues taking a toll on him. I'd never want to compare people's traumas, but Ginny was dealing with a lot. As in murder and violence and a turbulent relationship with her mother.

  21. That was likely left over from the dropped concepts such as the sea creature, the mutated animals, and the glowing forest. This kind of thing used to happen back then as shows found their footing and direction. On top of that, the budget was a big factor and perhaps they felt that they could have done without all of these extra details. The same thing happened in The Vampire Diaries with Damon's powers in the early episodes of S1.

  22. S1 undoubtedly belonged to Omander. This pairing was driving a lot of the promo and engagement of the series back then. Aron Piper was also in his "It" Boy era, so people were really invested in this relationship. They were both likeable characters with relatable stories, too.

  23. To elaborate, Julie Plec grinds my gears. Never mind Kat Graham, the character of Bonnie Bennett, and the questionable/abhorrent treatment of BIPOCs across all three shows in the seasons that she was in charge of. After Megan Thee Stallion took to Twitter to express her sadness and frustration over people mocking her for being shot/ Black women being unprotected and having to hold a lot inside, Julie Plec decided to insert herself and told the world that White women were failing everyone and that she believed Black women would save us all. Quite rich coming from someone who's known for her terrible treatment of BIPOC characters.

  24. https://www.reddit.com/r/GilmoreGirls/comments/ydc6ok/i_am_jess_mariano/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

  25. https://www.reddit.com/r/GilmoreGirls/comments/ydc6ok/i_am_jess_mariano/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

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