1. a) stair climber with a weighted backpack is something I build into training

  2. Loved this, went to school at UW and enjoyed mentally tracking it all throughout.

  3. Went to University of Wyoming, graduated in 2015. Have been back twice for nearby hiking and climbing in Vedauwoo/Snowy Range.

  4. Climbed in that window last year, was glad to have crampons instead of micro spikes.

  5. Thanks all, will check these out. Really appreciate it.

  6. Ok, here's a thing that drives me batty when it comes to the guilter crowd: you don't even get the facts straight according to what these individuals themselves claimed happened. Jenn never said she helped Jay dispose of anything. Jenn said that Jay had her drive him behind the mall so he could look in a dumpster, where she presumed Adnan had disposed of a shovel or shovels. Then when they went to F&M the next day, Jenn says Jay threw away a pair of his own boots... However, that was after swearing to Jenn that he had nothing to do with the murder or burial. Jenn never personally threw anything away, and never saw anything but Jay tossing out his own shoes, which he specifically told her were not involved in a murder.

  7. Why would he need to a) look in a dumpster and b) throw away boots in a dumpster versus anywhere else?

  8. Honestly, the more I spend time in this sub, the more convinced I am that he's actually innocent... After I started out here 8 years ago feeling that there was reasonable doubt, and looking for any evidence that would take me beyond a reasonable doubt.

  9. Never understood the need to concoct a charade of Jay leading them to the car if they already found it and had been actively looking for it.

  10. Oh that sounds awful. It's especially hard to watch horror movies like this because the darkness just becomes a collection of pixels.

  11. Came here to post on this exact issue.

  12. Gotta wonder why Saad and Adnan were so connected to Bilal. Rabis wants this all to go away now.

  13. It all might be getting away from Rabia. And when those people are cleared, it's going to boomerang back so fast that she can't control it, the way she has all these years.

  14. Indeed. Rabia is a spin doctor. She doesn't miss anything when she wants to spin a narrative.

  15. She's been trying to steer attention away from Bilal all day, it's a tough look.

  16. Yes, accidental stranglings are so pesky!

  17. 3, 1, 4, 2, 5 (switch 2 and 4 sometimes)

  18. His biggest advocate spins things into conspiracies that defy common sense.

  19. Total hypocrite. It's not news, but Rabia has always lacked self-awareness.

  20. This is the right read. Krista had an IG post where she doesn't name Rabia but implies that she told Krista 'none of this would have happened had I (Rabia) been with you all in HS'.

  21. Lucky man. Really hope I'm wrong and that a murderer wasn't freed.

  22. Was just there two weeks ago...was a UW student from 2013-15 but was not outdoorsy then and never explored, just a few day trips in Vedauwoo.

  23. I’d love to hear him speak and put his foot in his mouth again. You know on his victory tour the first thing Chaudry is gonna say is no Q and A First question would be why did you ask Hae for a ride that day

  24. Pretty sure they'll keep him limited to friendly outlets, ie. Rabia's documentary, and will be centered around puff moments like hugging his family, driving around seeing changes etc.

  25. I did Mazamas Basic Climbing Education Program (BCEP), super helpful and affordable. Got banged up on Hood learning the various methods of self arrest lol.

  26. Amid the hoopla, Bilal likely emerging as one of the two suspects is a pretty interesting wrinkle. The guy who paid for motel rooms, the cell phone, Adnan's first call upon arrest, etc. possibly being involved is a total game changer.

  27. Yeah, I can see many interpretations for the "pathetic" remark. For me, the bigger smoking gun is when Adnan bullies Sarah for asking him tough questions like how he use to steal from the mosque. He tells her what he thinks she should be doing and its advocating for him, not questioning his golden child persona. That to me is more telling. If I was framed for murder I would be fully candid on the actually shitty things I've done.

  28. For what its worth, I think he killed her but never put any stock in this, ie. thief = murderer. It is/was irrelevant to the issue at hand and assessing his character on such fronts felt futile to me.

  29. Serial did a great job in generating doubt, whereas Undisclosed reads like conspiracy babble.

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