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  1. Im pretty sure apple uses ai to get these lyrics…prob a miss by the software

  2. Ngl Im kind of scared for what this does to our sport.

  3. It doesnt affect mma. This is a boxing fight. Everyone knows jake would get fucked up against silva in an octagon

  4. So u dont like any songs on the project?

  5. there’s some songs that i do like from the album but overall i just don’t think it’s a good album

  6. I really hope the series is succesful, because even though I know it's made mostly for money I just fucking love the universe and I want to see more of it.

  7. I literally said why i care lol. Cause hes a woman beating drunk driver. The fact that hes a fighter is irrelevant. Not sure why people think you have to like someone to acknowledge that they are good. Theres tons of fighters that people think are good that they don't like but jon jones for some reason gets a pass, apperantly is illegal to think jon jones is the GOAT without liking him

  8. But like…how does someone being a fan of a fighter affect you? Thus the base of my question is why do you care about someone elses opinion lmao

  9. Why do you care about mine or the fact that i have one? Sorry i dont like glorifying assholes thats a better reason that you have for questioning me lol

  10. Youre the one writing paragraphs lmao im just wondering why you care so much about why some random dude is a fan of a fighter. Why are you so passionate about something that doesnt matter lmao

  11. Can someone make a different HotD sub? This shit is ridiculous.

  12. Its not because pit-bulls overpopulate shelters. No no. Its because people are racist against this poor breed. So sad. /s

  13. Really cant figure out why people care about the actresses so much. Im just happy that this universe is back. We have a longggg way to go. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show my friends.

  14. Man. You asked to be critiqued. So youre getting critiqued. Why complain about it when you asked for it?

  15. Fair enough. Good luck in training! Still interested in watching you improve my friend.

  16. Accounting isnt very math heavy. MIS and finance is math heavy and its unavoidable. Source: have degree in finance and accounting

  17. Will a SAT 600/800 in math be able to study finance or MIS?

  18. College is all about effort. If you want to learn math you will. If you want to study finance or mis you can. Learning is all about effort. Its up to you on wether or not you will put in the time to learn.

  19. “There will be pain” - Jerome Powell

  20. Why is it so hard for nutters to understand that just because their pitbull hasnt hurt someone yet doesnt mean pitbulls arent capable of hurting people.

  21. Why is it so hard for nutters to understand that just because their pitbull hasnt killed someone yet doesnt mean pitbulls arent capable of killing people.

  22. How did this comment break any rules

  23. Draw it again. But this time its crushed

  24. Their most valuable fighters make a lot more than $500K. Here's Amanda Nunes for example:

  25. For example, volk has averaged 480,000 per championship fight. He made under 500k in 4/5 of those fights. Sure that doesnt include PPV points but still

  26. But you have to include PPV payouts!!! It’s part of the money he gets.

  27. Yea fair enough. I dont think thats public information though.

  28. Daemon gives me major Ramsey Bolton vibes tbh. Bro is definitely gonna fuck some shit up

  29. This is why you don't give Donald Trump 26 billion dollars to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. He wanted that money for no reason except to distribute it arbitrarily to his cronies and mini-mes.

  30. Most of the money never reached employees anyways.

  31. Democrat run cities and the CA as a whole dedicates more resources to helping the homeless than almost every other state/city. This is objectively a good thing because the problem would be worse without it. The Reagan mistake is real, it's like trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube... except there's no tube to put it back into anymore. Once people fall into a certain level homelessness it is incredibly difficult to reach self sufficiency again, even without drug/mental problems. There's nothing that conservative ideology has to offer the discussion other than incarceration which also just makes the problem worse, at greater cost than actually just investing in the facilities and manpower to improve the odds for these people.

  32. Im confused. You say these democrat led cities invest heavily into helping the homeless yet you follow that by saying the lack investment is the root cause of this? it sounds like youre saying there isnt enough investment going on within these cities? No?

  33. Not my kid so I don’t give a fuck

  34. “Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a mental disorder characterized by a life-long pattern of exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, a diminished ability to empathize with others' feelings, and (often) psychologically abusive behavior.”

  35. Her answers to others’ questions are arrogant I don’t give a fuck about empathy. You ask a question, people want context to answer correcting, and she’s an asshole.

  36. You seem to be looking for empathy through your posts on

  37. Probably a bumpy ride in the future in either way😬

  38. Why are you assuming gas/oil prices will remain the same over the same time period? Weve already seen extreme volatility in those prices many many times in the past.

  39. its not "speculation", maybe to these people who believe the vaccines were meant to cripple 99% of all humanity but the reality is is that she has thoracic outlet syndrome and thats something that plagued athletes for hundreds of years and caused by repeated arm movements or strenuous activity, not to mention family history couldve played a role.

  40. Another redditor posted an article that cleared it up. Thanks for providing actual info.

  41. Ah no problem. I was genuinely curious so i appreciate pointing out the facts

  42. Buying options (put or call) is a safer bet because it limits your exposure. You spend $100 on options, you could reap $50K or you (more likely) would lose the $100 you invested when the options expire.

  43. Buying an option limits your loss to the initial investment. I.e, if you buy a $100 option you can only lose $100. (Like the comment above points out)

  44. uses jim cramer as main source of financial advice

  45. which makes sense because ppp loans were given out to maintain business operations. at least in my case with a restaurant, that went into paying employees, utilities, paying suppliers, rent, maintenance etc. it wasn't intended to all go to employees.

  46. “While the moniker Paycheck Protection Program suggests that the program was focused solely on employment, the criteria for loan forgiveness reveal another complementary goal: providing firms with liquidity to meet non-compensation obligations to creditors (e.g., suppliers, banks, landlords, etc).

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