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  1. It’s crazy how quickly MDM fans switch up and start forgetting things.

  2. Shouldn’t huge movements of capital into/out of a stock impact the price? How is that not manipulating the price of a security? I understand that they want to make huge trades without impacting price, but doesn’t that go against supply/demand? I think that is the gist of what OP is after

  3. Large capital movements do impact price. If they purchase a stock, with a large order the price they are quoted is far greater than the market price retail investors get quoted.

  4. Two things you missed, one is that Wizz Air made an unsuccessful attempt to buy EJ in September 2021 and secondly, in late 2021 they raised £1.2bn via a rights issue to enable it expand by buying slots at airports and therefore expand and also to see themselves through the rest of the pandemic.

  5. What I’ve learnt from this excellent reply, is that I have yet a lot of work to do, wrt stock analysis!

  6. I do like this report, although for me there is a lack of stock price analysis. You have all the main parts I’d look at though (value, management, debt , revenue)

  7. Not sure how anyone can really defend the cop. They inherently force the RP, it is literally their job to follow the RP within the set scenario…

  8. What is SK’s OOC Spotify name? I know he released but don’t know what it’s under.

  9. the thing is if dean wants that shit then he has to push for it and i personally haven't seen that

  10. I’m not mainly a Dean viewer, but he’s said it multiple times. And so has Lana, Matt and SK.

  11. thats the problem right there he 'said it' he needs to get codes and say im hitting this bank, who's coming with me, or im doing this boost whos coming, imma sound like such a tommy fanboy when i say this but mandem members who feel left out or whatever, it's because their not proactive, they say they want to do shit and then expect someone else to push it instead of them, exact same thing with sk and matt, they haven't pushed anything, lana pushed it for like 2 weeks and hasn't been seen since

  12. Dean sat outside bank doors for hours collecting X Coin. If that’s not being proactive, I don’t know what it is.

  13. I’m not if anyone will agree, but I much prefer watching heist content/progression over repeated boosts all day.

  14. If you enjoy business RP, I would highly recommend going back and watching Moose/Viv’s VOD from yesterday.

  15. Big ups to Matt, was super funny RP 🤣🤣

  16. I would like to volunteer as a tribute. But on a serious note, I've been trying to be this man's editor but have had no real way of contacting him (I've emailed, messaged him/mods) and had no luck. I would honestly work my ass off for these guys as, ultimately, that would be my dream job (other than content creation on my channel). I'd make sure 1000% that the videos are fucking awesome as I am a huge fan of all of the Mandem creators and I am also passionate about content creation. The whole idea is so exciting and I wish them all the best of luck!

  17. Your videos are really well put together as well. Hopefully they reach out to you!

  18. Before the RDM boys joined, only Vince went to MDMA first. Every other MDM member was given the chain.

  19. Anyone know why he ain’t got a Spotify? I need his stuff in a playlist.

  20. I fill healer (Sage) and smoke (Brim), but my main is Breach. I would love to play him more often, but nobody seems to want to play either smoke or heals.

  21. No. Don’t fund the Israeli occupation.

  22. Alot of people saying Atlantis / Gold Panting. But I feel like they will be 4.0 ideas as opposed to now. If he’s eating a pizza, he should ask for something he gets relatively quickly imo.

  23. Any lore masters want to explain wtf is going on with the sprays? Particularly with why the number or sprays for the next progression was going up as they sprayed more.

  24. Whilst I do think the FED has had a profound impact on the S&P returns, there are still many other factors for this growth.

  25. What an event!! Big applauds to the developers and everyone involved with the lore.

  26. Haven’t caught up on the VOD yesterday. But I’ve wondered why Tommy hasn’t just suffocated BBMC at 11pm-1am (before the majority of them wakes up).

  27. I’m surprised CCL are paying dividends throughout the pandemic…

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