1. You will regret it if you don’t.

  2. We don't have a problem with police harassing people like this in my country, but there's been an alarming amount of cases where security guards act violently towards people, there was recently an incident where a 35 year old woman died because a bunch of security guards piled on her in a shopping mall and there has been other cases where they have acted straight up sadistic towards people pretty recently. There's something weird going on, now we have to fear those who should be protecting us instead of feeling secure around them. It's a sad, sad state of affairs for sure...

  3. A lot of police in the US have about as much training as security guards so it checks out.

  4. I grew up in Illinois. You can mitigate snow. You can plow, you can salt, and life goes on (especially with that specialized equipment).

  5. But right across the Ohio River where I grew up in Kentucky, a dusting of snow closes everything. It’s about state and municipal budgets and what they choose to prioritize. A day of semi-lost commercial productivity, closed schools, and a few auto accidents is cheap compared to actively running and managing an emergency management protocol.

  6. This is good. When I first applied for state jobs after a few years out of college, I was great for a position and tested very well on all relevant tests. But even after a great response from them, they were unable to get around the fact that I did not take 3 credits of accounting while earning my bachelors. 7 years of relevant experience couldn’t overcome it because the requirements for state jobs were HARD requirements, unlike the private sector.

  7. TP, Seltzer, Shredded Unexpected Cheddar, Tuscan Kale, some kind of Chicken Sausage

  8. We have it a couple times a month! Sautéed with peppers and onions with some rice or bread on the side. I made open faced sandwiches with the ciabatta loaf, the Georgian seasoning (can’t remember the name of the blend right now),with the sausage, peppers, and Unexpected cheddar melted on top…delicious.

  9. If the wife gets a severe illness, they do. At much higher rates.

  10. I think more people have a breeding fetish than will admit. They just don’t like the consequences.

  11. Doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ve always had an iPhone and trade it in every few years. I traded in my 10 and got a 13 max for $2.50 a month through AT&T. If you don’t break your phones and take care of them, they hold resale/trade-in value very well.

  12. Mine just started doing this. Today I made it a point to wake him when I catch him napping (I work from home). We will see if tonight is any different.

  13. It totally worked! He slept all night.

  14. Absolutely. The prices are much lower in the app. Almost 50% lower in some cases like KFC in my area.

  15. Make your own rubs and seasoning blends. Reduces the number of jar to move if anything.

  16. Upvoted for the desperation and chaos

  17. I had to immediately run out the living room and put it on the tv for my husband. Awesome bit.

  18. No! It’s for eating cold with ketchup on soft white bread like I am 6 years old!

  19. I love sour stuff. I ate Warheads as a child to the point of eroding my mouth. Add some vodka and I am down for this!

  20. Nah. I've never seen a food related problem solved by, "Just submerge it in water."

  21. Re-crisping rubbery celery for sure works.

  22. Turmeric is used in Eastern medicine

  23. I would not date anyone and would get real treatment for my mental illness rather than waiting until it all collapsed in my 20s.

  24. I’ve rarely watched any content with him because just seeing him on a thumbnail fills me with ick. My gut just creams that something is way off with him.

  25. Dumpling soup. Miso Ginger Broth, frozen dumplings/potstickers whatever you want, chopped green onions, soy sauce/sriracha/ponzu sauce on the side. Other than cutting the onions ahead of time, the rest can just be dumped in the crock pot.

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