1. I never did too, was a 4.97, and then 5 weeks ago i was in free fall, now 4.87. Never dropped out of the 9s for around half a year, it happens unfortunately, I haven't changed much in terms of schedule or regulars, so it confused the hell out of me, it has effected me getting new students when my regulars cancel as its less traffic in the 8s.

  2. I know this sounds super paranoid of me... but I also had a 4.97 rating, and then after posting for the first time here in the Cambly reddit 2 days ago, my rating has suddenly dropped to 4.93? Total coincidence, right?

  3. Hi! I had Verizon in the US, and I did the "port number to Google Voice" process, and it has worked BEAUTIFULLY for me. I've been in Spain for nearly a year now (for context). To answer your questions, I'm going to repost a post from the Auxiliares de Conversacion Facebook group that really convinced me to go that route. Also, I did get GoogleFi, and it has also been great!

  4. Can you switch back to the original provider (Verizon) after returning to the US and have your same number? Like is that what part of the point is??

  5. No idea! Haha. But I think that the probable answer is, yes.

  6. Seems pretty unanimous, then! Thank you for your advice :)

  7. It's for religious reasons, so no shoulders bared. All it would take is for a student to complain or for cambly to randomly check in on you to lose your job. You could just get a light scarf and throw it over your shoulders to keep them covered, like you would have to do in some cathedrals and churches.

  8. Ahh! Yes, that makes sense. Thank you, everyone! I like the scarf idea and will give that a try.

  9. Hi! I got placed in La Rioja as well, will love to get connect to others! Also, whats the La Rioja Fb group?

  10. Sorry, just saw this. Congrats! Were you able to find the Facebook group? It's called "THE Official La Rioja Auxiliares Language Assistants Group."

  11. Spaniard here. Although I don't live there, my cousin does. I wouldn't mind living in La Rioja, it's AWESOME!

  12. Thank you! Someone else had mentioned that group, but they apparently only accept request for physical mail, and since my parents don't have a P.O. box I decided against providing their physical address. However, I am very excited about all the replies I'm getting!

  13. Joyeux anniversaire du Canada, Papa Yvon! J'espère que vous allez bien et que votre famille aussi. J'espère aussi que mon français est correct ! 😂 Je souhaite une bonne santé pour vous et votre famille !

  14. I've seen both on in the Facebook pages. I was given a specific date/time, but others were told to come whenever. I don't know if your location matters? For example, since I'll have to fly down there I don't know if that's why they gave me a time? My other guess is that they've suddenly become inundated with requests, and they gave up giving out appointments. You could always email or call to verify.

  15. Cool. I think including some of this community-specific context in the post would have made it seem less spammy. Hope your dad has a wonderful birthday.

  16. Note taken--you're absolutely right. Thank you 😀

  17. Did you send the original documents (passport, driver’s license)? I heard that they were requiring in person pick up if you didn’t send the originals with the visa app

  18. They don't want you to send originals. Instructions say you have to send copies of passport and drivers license and original medical cert, background check, etc. No matter what, you have to pick up your visa in person so they can confirm your identity (or so they say). I emailed twice to confirm this, once in March and once in June. You bring the real passport and license to the in person appt.

  19. What clerks office? I'm so sorry! I'm so stressed about getting these important documents wrong:( I've looked at 3rd party apostilles and I wanna do it right.... also, your state background check... was it an "official document" or was it just the printout from the police station with their stamp?

  20. I ordered my Georgia State Background Check through the GAPS system. After emailing to verify, I used the Visa/Immigration Background Check. I did my fingerprints at a local location. I received two, official, original copies of the results via mail, both notarized.

  21. Have you received you visa yet? Also, for the back ground check- how long did it take to get apostilled in GA? I also live in Georgia.

  22. I just got my Apostilled background check back yesterday, so I'm going to mail off my whole visa package Monday. I dropped off my background check to the Clerk's office on 6/16 and got it back via USPS 6/22, and there was a Saturday and Sunday in there, so it was a very quick turnaround.

  23. Thanks! So far, so good. Kind, helpful people are everywhere, waiting to help others out 😄

  24. I have also been placed in La Rioja, which was my first choice! I am extremely excited. There is a FB group specifically for La Rioja that you can join. And, if you´re interested, the best YouTube video I´ve found so far about Logroño is Qué ver en LOGROÑO - PINCHOS Y TAPAS en la CALLE DEL LAUREL by La Latina TV.

  25. Happy birthday to Yvon in advance ..... just sent you a mail with a custom URL from happybirthday2all

  26. Happy early birthday to him, and love your idea, i am in and greeting sent, may your returns far exceed your wildest expectations.

  27. I did my certification through TEFLpros and LOVED it. I didn't do the $1,500 course you're talking about, but the other less expensive one. It was well worth the cost, and I feel very prepared to start teaching in the Fall. TEFLpros is very highly rated in the TEFL certification industry, and highly regarded by employers. While CELTA and TESOL are an industry star child, the program seemed like overkill unless you specifically want to train students to pass international English tests. For people just trying to break into the industry, TEFLpros cert is more than enough, and for someone wanting to do more, a Masters Degree is the way to go. Also, TEFLpros IS accredited and monitored/audited regularly. I asked and double checked before purchasing.

  28. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Ahaha aren’t we all being obsessive? From reddit to FB post to google sometimes I feel like going crazy. The amount of info out there can be overwhelming so I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this.

  29. You should email them! I tried to call first but they never answered, but got a VERY thorough email back in less than 24hrs in April:

  30. Great point- I just emailed then. Thank you so much again!!

  31. This is the most recent information I could find, but I would just call or email for clarification.

  32. I emailed the consulate last month (3/02/2021) and at that time was told:

  33. By checking the excel sheet that’s floating around, it shows that those who are of higher inscrita numbers that have already been accepted are usually non-Americans, ex. From India or Australia. If you’re from the USA, I assume it will just be a longer wait. But I’d have a backup plan too Incase this falls through. You don’t want to put all your eggs into one basket.

  34. The higher admit numbers are also usually renewals (not first timers).

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