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  1. No one eats birthday cake at her parties

  2. Wtf. Glad he didn’t play volleyball.

  3. Personally I opt for speed and defensive power ups with only one offensive power up (two if you include Pickpocket as an offensive power up). It seems to work pretty well for me. So although I’m not able to “take out” other racers as often, I am able to more easily defend against others power ups and elude with speed. My typical power up line-up is: Untouchable, Warp Speed, Tunnel Vision, Pickpocket, Police Chase, Shield, Rocket Boost, Boost Juice.

  4. See, I think this is the wrong way to go about it. I think instead of trying to actually play the things they're miming along to, you instead play along with an instrument that doesn't match the music. Pretend to play a keytar to some classical music, hold a tuba and fake it to some well known pop hit.

  5. IM IN! We’re putting the fake band back together!

  6. They had one in Manassas too. Didn’t know there were so many accordion players out here.

  7. I’m hoping we get a xylophone player! World needs more xylophone players.

  8. Definite scam as I’m certain they all are. I continued to watch to see if anyone actually donated and saw the bow come off the strings many times yet the violin continued to play. MAGIC! 🪄

  9. Yes that is Willard Scott

  10. I would agree with the sentiments of the OP and would actually go further by saying that most of Woodbridge (to include Dale City and Lakeridge) is now garbage.

  11. Life telling him that he throws like a punk-ass bitch.

  12. There’s a slip/fall settlement in this kids future. ;)

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