1. I never compared the two. Also, if someone were to do that, I have no idea how that would be “misunderstanding the human condition” you sound pretty retarded tbh.

  2. Nope was pretty fun, but not a mind blowing movie. Adam has bad takes ab stuff.

  3. It was a fun watch right. Not groundbreaking but still a good time. Also it gives you an excuse to do gay sex in the dark theatre

  4. I don't find it disrespectful in this context. It's really that simple.

  5. I thought it would be a safe assumption. If you don't find it disrespectful, what's your goal?

  6. This thread is just people gatekeeping useless shit. Just keep your eyes on your own paper.

  7. It’s ‘stan’ culture. Everyone must form parasocial relationships with artists nowadays and it’s quite disturbing.

  8. I've noticed this. People were throwing all kinds of insults at Kylie Jenner when this story broke a couple days ago. Then, when it came to light Taylor was an even bigger offender, suddenly all the vitriol and bile toned down to a G-rated 'meh' and the headlines were reigned in.

  9. That’s not how you use that, nice try though. Can you think of something better?

  10. Not fit to be a mother at all. Take the money/children and fucking run from this psychotic bitch.

  11. Lol, I feel you so much. I've been seeing my little cousin (about 6 now??) literally kicking my kittens around the house for years now, my other cousin (8) broke glass doors because grandma took away his phone, other one has been abusing the same grandma for years and is barely 15?? Been doing that since he was 8. Pushing her around, swearing at her, calling her names. They are horrible.

  12. “As” is the wrong word. Use a semicolon No, because “as” can imply that two things are happening at the same time. And therefore can imply cause and effect. And that is not what happened here.

  13. Fuck, I've been playing Forza Horizon Hot Wheels, but I guess it's time for my bi-weekly hour of Lawn Mowing Simulator.

  14. Yeah he’s reached out a few times and I’ve just said that I was sick and left it at that. Blamed Covid and said I couldn’t find any tests so he shouldn’t come over. I would really like to keep the baby, but I know that would be much more difficult on my own. I’m at a place where I could have a child on my own, but obviously it wouldn’t be easy.

  15. I have three downvotes for calling bs on a stupid comment that we know is tough guy talk. Thats the Corps today I guess.

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