1. Hope he gets hair and a Bo Katan with that new armor piece

  2. This ep exemplified onimai. It was trans affirming as Mahiro is basically an egg and wholesome. Then tons of underage lewdness

  3. That was after the boiling point, not before. When it was too late for any possible recourse to take place.

  4. She most definitely resolved to kill him before Euphie interrupted the both of them.

  5. Because she was pissed I mean he nearly killed her friend

  6. And you don't seem to understand Lains crush was straight and all the things she held so dear would be ignored in her ear

  7. This is a good but hard manga to read and the anime won't be much better

  8. It's times like this that make me sad I grew up an only child without an older sister...

  9. Nah this is savory not sweet Sweet is Sakura Trick but our couple has a lot of shit

  10. Nah like they made it clear the adoption was to make her a member of the house


  12. I don't know how gaming is seen over there, it is for anyone who wants to game here, sure gatekeepers exist, but they could have a more harsher look on pastimes that we never consider.

  13. To be fair it was to set up a joke where Mahiro felt old for liking an older game. Relatable. My favorite 3ds game is Kid Icarus Uprising and kids will be like whats a 3ds

  14. Right well, I hope things can resolve for you. May Allah make it easy. Ameen

  15. Islam doesn't seek to satisfy your own desires. So, whoever chose to follow their desires has chose that, and however chose to follow their faith then those are on the straight path.

  16. To be fair out of the 3 bad guy suits it's the weakest due to needing stickers that are near impossible to apply

  17. What I don't understand is how do people who listen to music say their 5 daily prayers? How is it possible to pray while music is playing in your mind?

  18. You have probably undisagoned adhd then source have it and have sex offender shuffle playing in my head 24/7

  19. Thanks for letting me know akhi actually i knew that the music of other topics will take us out of remembrance of God it didnt come into my mind like it was sort of undiscovered knowledge(known but forgotten),and also what about islamic songs with musical instrument is it haram too?

  20. It doesn't Gaah illl kms the next person who says it's haram

  21. is it in in his marital rights to be obligated to be there for her needs? same with the woman.

  22. Men and women have different level of sexual urges in general. Men are more sexually hyperactive than women. You are only concentrating on sex when like I mentioned men and women both have rights on each other.

  23. Okay serious question do you support maritial rape laws

  24. Being there means good friend does she even like you back also she's a minor

  25. You should not focus on marrying her or hoping she converts just be a good friend also she's a minor

  26. So weird this is like the least comedic Yuri anime since Bloom into You

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