1. I'm in MN so def not a Huntsman. From what I can tell it's a Dark Fishing Spider. Just don't know why it's calling my kid's Lego town home.

  2. Babies in these comments that's a harmless huntsman. Has a really cool colour pattern. Still would catch it and put it outside though

  3. Not a Huntsman Spider. After a little web browsing, found out it's a Dark Fishing Spider. My Lego lake was more realistic than previously thought.

  4. Simple answer: cheaper to have you assemble the skeleton than for the skeleton to flop like a chicken.

  5. House rules. Makes the game last longer.

  6. Through Unstable Games and Backing it on Kickstarter

  7. For all those asking for the link to support the concept:


  9. Literally just finished watching this. They look great. I know brickheads don’t do mouths, but woodman really needs a hollow technic spacer for a mouth.

  10. I was struggling with a way of doing the mouth. I'll try it out

  11. Doesn’t ideas specifically prohibit any project that is part of an existing project line? So Brickheads of any kind will automatically fail?

  12. Was not a where. I guess it will fail. Sad. But still fun to create. Thanks for sharing

  13. What app did you use to create this MOC?

  14. I backed it on Kickstarter and included them as add-ons. Only missing the sorcerer party. Kicking myself for not adding it on.

  15. Cinemark is a distraction. There is only one theater, and it's AMC!

  16. 27 gained here. Feel richer already.

  17. Nice mines are taking so long to arrive :(

  18. That stinks.Not sure who you went through to purchase, but ordering directly from Unstable Games it only took 6 days. I also ordered the very first day they went live.

  19. Maybe they announced it a little too soon…

  20. They hinted at it with more to come in October. But like the rest of the world, I'm sure distribution is causing a lot of headaches and they don't want to promise a date and not hit it. Shipping is a mess and it looks like it will continue into the new year.

  21. I imagine so. They did when they released the Druid and Warriors expansion. They created a bundle pack with the original game plus expansion.

  22. Make sure after shares settle in fidelity you switch shares from margin to cash! You can call and set it up but it won’t happen until settlement.

  23. Where do I locate the margin/cash option in the app?

  24. But how does this squeeze work? I see people talking about alot but dont fully understand all of it

  25. HedgieFuks are shorting stonk. They need stonk to hit below $5. But Apes eat crayons and I like the stonk and won't let it go that low. Each day, HedgieFuks short it trying to drive down price. Apes don't allow and buy more bananas. HedgieFuks have to pay interest on borrowed shorts. They are now shitting their shorts because available bananas have been all grabbed by smooth brained apes. Apes decide the price. It won't squooze until the HedgieFuks are margin called or volume is 10 fold of current. Welcome new ape. Enjoy the ride. Not financial advice just a dumb ape who likes popcorn and movies.

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