1. I did exactly as you recommended. I'll try three months and see how it goes. Thank you for responding!

  2. I am.48 and put my age at 60. I got 1 makeup item.this month.

  3. Thats why i changed my age. My mom got more skincare than me and shes 70.

  4. I hated the smell also. It was super thick. It did not break me out. I agree it is terrible

  5. Don't like the spoilers this month. Hope they have more spoilers.

  6. I was shocked to see Mitchell and Peach. It was such a hard choice because it was in the same section as the Volition cleansing oil. I went w Volition because I got the Saint Jane body serum ( it’s an oil Idky they say serum ) last month. But it was harsh having to choose. Much better than months I don’t want to choose anything though lol

  7. Yes i wanted both too. I picked the Volition also. I loved the VOLITION moisturizer i received.

  8. Am i the only one thst received the complex culture as an ipsy pick

  9. It was the first time it was hard to choose. I liked more the 1 item in all 3 categories. The only thing I dont like is the bronzer. I don't use it.

  10. My husband gets up at 6am. So I usually fall back asleep till 8 but it's choice day so I stay up.

  11. I almost bought it, but i don't like mask and have lots of toner. If it had a moisturizer instead of a mask.

  12. Yeah I feel like no moisturizer is worth that. I think there are super affordable AB moisturizers that work as well as/better than any expensive high-end moisturizer. I don't even want to pay that much for prescription actives! There are so many non-invasive, relatively affordable cosmetic procedures that give far better results.

  13. I was buying marykay or clinque before I started getting ipsy. But for $28.00 a month and $55.00 every quarter. I get enough stuff to last the month and have back ups. I save so much money and i think the products i get are better or the same quality. I get some stuff I dont use, but I find people that will or i give gifts. I am.48 and I have dry skin so I love mositurizers. I like the golden md plant base night cream but i would never pay that price same as the ct cream, 111 skin. I love getting them in ipsy.

  14. Mine shipped says will be delivered monday!

  15. I’m so jealous!! That’s my biggest disappointment from this month, that I didn’t get the body serum. That and the Tarte concealer!

  16. Bag is super cutie! Also, excited to try the SR essence, nudestix foundation, and hair tonic. Though I really wanted the FAB toner and/ or goldfaden night cream and/ or keys blush and/ or saint jane body serum…. I definitely need to rethink my beauty quiz answers 🤔

  17. I have never on eyeliner, and lip products and I received both. I think its because i have no on concealer and blush also. I think everyone received 2 of those items. Ilike everything else. I put age 60 to get goldfaden night cream.

  18. Only things I wanted but didn’t get were the Vitabrid hair treatment and the Saint Jane body serum, but I’m very happy to have gotten the Goldfaden, SR and Ren!

  19. Haven't seen anyone get vitabird hair treatment. I wanted it.

  20. Received everything I wanted accept I wanted the body serum and Hair item instead of the lip and eyeliner.

  21. Omg, I so have not been refreshing the app for 45 minutes…

  22. Me too. I am hoping we only have 10 minutes. 7 am soon

  23. I kinda new prices would go up. Everytime I get Groceries, Gas, Fast Food, ect the prices go up. It seems everything goes up weekly.

  24. I received the daisy bag and could care less if i get a bag or not. I dont need anymore bags. I just do iosy for skincare.

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  26. I received 2 of my top picks. The Dr bandt and the foundation.

  27. I found mine out :D the Dr. Brandt Clean Biotic cleanser and Koa Life Vit-C oil. Thanks for the post :)

  28. I wanted the cleanser. I will use the serum. Now I am hoping for the foundation and brushes as choice.

  29. I forgot to cancel this month, but there’s some good stuff available. Hoping for the best.

  30. My perfect bag: Yensa Foundation, daisy brushes, dr brandt face wash, kimchi powder, generarion skin eyepads, noto serum, context hair serum but i already received this once would love again.

  31. I seen a you tuber open up that mask in a pr bag

  32. I also seen a mischo beauty blush pallet and a black hipdot liqud liner

  33. Its on you tube. I dont know how to do links just go to youtube and type ipsy april 2022 unboxing

  34. Yes!!!! I hoping for the brushes and foundation. What are you guys hoping for?

  35. I seen a couple glam bag plus pr bags on you tube

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