1. Are they worried a Trumper may do her harm?

  2. They seem to always film themselves ass to the camera. Lol.

  3. Lol. Yep, just like his supporters. Remain stupid for a politician.

  4. I just put the last Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in my mouth.

  5. Yep. Beef. Why? I still have chicken and pork. And money.

  6. Racists have humour, that is what she’s trying to get across. It’s Alberta.

  7. Yep, hard work and discipline and a young age. Maybe you could learn a thing or two

  8. I am also a kid with muscles, I’m appreciating his hard work

  9. I know. Kids tend to take comments on Reddit personal.

  10. Exactly. So then why would a Canadian politician be MAGA?

  11. Ask her, she wears the MAGA hat. And she knows her supporters want to be Americans. Not all, but certainly the ones who carry Trump 2024 flags.

  12. lol. Yeah. Safe to say your conservatives will go after your African Americans.

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