1. I'm 4 years out and do keto as well as intermittent fasting when my weight creeps up (like now). No issues for me as long as I hit my protein and water goals every day.

  2. I was wondering about intermittent fasting. I’m six months post-op and my weight loss is slowing down significantly. I wanted to try a low carb diet (meaning I will still eat fruits and some bread sometimes) plus intermittent fasting. I was worried I won’t be able to get enough protein and my hair will fall out. Can you tell me what you eat on a typical day?

  3. I had hypoglycemia before the surgery and it’s worse and more frequent after the surgery. I am 6 months post-op, so Ive had some time to learn how to deal with it. I’ve learned I have to be more careful with consuming any sugar even more so than others, this is worse than just dumping syndrome. It definitely helps to always pair any sugar or carbs with a protein to keep things steady but sometimes it’s unpredictable. I avoided anything with real sugar completely for the first two months and stuck to only sugar free sweeteners, as long as I do that I don’t have any problem. These days if I find I’m crashing I drink a small glass of orange juice and have some cheese, that usually fixes it and keeps it steady.

  4. Damn, I had a feeling it could worsen it. I have a hard time managing it pre surgery which makes me nervous for after surgery. How often do you have low blood sugar crashes on average?

  5. If I don’t eat anything with a lot of added sugar I don’t crash and we’re not supposed to have that stuff anyway. If I do decide to have some cereal or a dessert I crash about 80% of the time. Since Thursday was Thanksgiving and I had dessert I crashed about an hour later but fixed it with some orange juice and cheese.

  6. Almost want to unsubscribe so I don’t have to hear or see anyone like this anymore. 🤮

  7. I had a mother and daughter with the same name, it appeared to me that the mother had married her own son but in reality the daughter married an unrelated man with the same name as her brother. Apparently they only had four or five names to go around back then.

  8. My mum had 15 brothers and sisters and my dad had 13 (both Irish). My dad was an Irish twin with his older brother being born in Jan and he in Aug (he was early).

  9. My husband’s family is Mormon, one day I counted and he has 63 first cousins from just one side of his family. I have 7 all together from both sides of my family.

  10. You could do long hair for sure, it looks like your hair has potential for greatness it just needs more maintenance. A good conditioner and regular trims would be a good start. You look handsome with short hair, too!

  11. Ryan Gosling; tiny beady eyes that are too close together, narrow jaw and a extra wide forehead, where’s the handsome?

  12. My legs go so numb I can’t walk, just me?

  13. I hated his character in every incarnation and I assumed I was supposed to hate him.

  14. I’m a 5’9” woman, all I ask is that you be as tall as I am. Is that wrong? Maybe.

  15. You could have a vitamin A deficiency

  16. I’m from Kentucky and live in Minnesota I must be livid.

  17. No, this kind of people shall die. Twitter would actually be a pretty nice place if you'd remove this degenerate kind of people from there.

  18. Babyself? That’s unnecessary. The vast majority of people will identify as their assigned sex. However this person is not a degenerate and definitely doesn’t deserve to die for caring about those few who won’t.

  19. I’m a fat person and I have a thin face. At 50 pounds overweight I still look skinny from the waist up. I carry all my weight in my bottom half. I have no advice but I’m pretty sure it’s genetic.

  20. Tell mom you’ll give her a bottle of breast milk at your house. That’s what dads with breast fed infants do. She might recognize how ridiculous the situation is if you frame it this way.

  21. When I was a kid I used to repeat the end of my sentences under my breath. Anybody else?

  22. I don’t know which is my favorite but I’m cracking up just reading these. I love that game and I miss how good Joe was at playing it.

  23. I thought I was a woman but I’m a young man.

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