1. Afaik there isn't a real rink in the republic, I don't know much about this series but I think it's like you say, for countries that can't play in the worlds.

  2. Yes that is correct, for nations that aren’t playing world championship

  3. Anyone know if these IIHF Development Cup games will be streamed? Wouldn't mind catching an Ireland game or two

  4. Yes it should be on the Development Cup Facebook and YouTube

  5. Every Muslim country has a grand mosque and so should Algeria. I have no problem with the money spent because I know Algeria has the money, it can build 10 grand mosques, 1000 hospitals, 100000 schools. The mosque is not the problem, the problem is the billions of dollars which goes in to corrupt peoples pockets.

  6. If they are not young children you can speak about corsaires from the Ottoman period. I'm reading an English book about how some corsaires kidnapped a whole village from Ireland and brought them to Algiers.

  7. I'm in UK and have now been waiting over 24 hours

  8. Im currently reading a book about corsaires who kidnapped a whole village in Ireland and took them back to Algiers. I haven't finished it but it seems some remained slaves till death, others got out of slavery and gained status and happily lived out the rest of their lives in Algeria.

  9. Came here to see if anyone else is experiencing it

  10. It's happened to me before, basically the slowest person to die won

  11. No point opening the borders until they have adequate testing at the airport, and hospitals can handle an outbreak. If European hospitals struggle with it I'd hate to see what a full outbreak in Algeria would look like.

  12. Im still using my gold mp7 from the last battle pass, didnt bother switch to mac10

  13. Dont see what enjoyment you can get from playing like that

  14. My current favourite car, with the engine upgrades its fun to drive. I've got the rusty racer livery on it.

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