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  1. Yeah, that's where she's gotten her previous kits and they are all of varying quality. Is there like a "sought after" brand in the miniature house world? Or is it just kinda what you get is what you get?

  2. Which bit of the Bible are about described in? Revelations? I wanna look it up.

  3. Other times, we get some really bizarre passages, like the one found in

  4. I think it's very 1930's. If you look at movie stars from the pre-code era of Hollywood.

  5. Men in evening wear reading fairy tales to kids: perfectly okay.

  6. Church and rock concerts happen at private event spaces. The specific controversy I saw in my city was that publicly funded local libraries were hosting the drag reading events. The taxpayers that disagreed with the events felt that they should have a say over what takes place at the libraries. There is no real mechanism for that, they don’t get to vote on it specifically. They just elect people who appoint the librarians every few years and maybe the mayor can disallow events. Nevertheless they showed up at town hall meetings and said that as voters they didn’t want the events to take place there.

  7. So they show up armed to these events. Why? Why the tacticool gear and firearms? Are they afraid of drag queens?

  8. Here's my issue with it. If you don't support it, don't go, but armed intimidation says they want to escalate it to an armed engagement:"do what we say or we'll shoot you". Fuckin thugs in camo.

  9. I agree. Plus if they think seeing men in drag is going to scar children for life, what do they think seeing "soldiers" with weapons storming into storytime is going to do to them?

  10. Richard showing up at Lorelai's place of business and berating her in front of her staff and customers.

  11. what do you mean about the sookie sitting in bed one haha i don’t remember it

  12. Sookie was pregnant and on bed rest so Lorelai asked Luke to take over in the kitchen until they could find a replacement. She was supposed to be at home but she took a room at the inn and was having the kitchen help bring her every dish to taste and critique. She interfered with everything he was doing.


  14. I'm proud of you, sister. You are an inspiration and I applaud you!

  15. As much as I love Friends and it has always been a huge part of my life, I fear that Living Single remains underrated because Friends stole their deserved success right from under them with the same formula, which really sucks

  16. Pretty much although I think Living Single compares in some ways to The Golden Girls. Khadijah being Dorothy, Sinclair is like Rose, Regine being Blanche and Max is Ma.

  17. Very fair! I only recently watched Living Single and the only comparison between Friends and LS that I couldn’t make was Ross/Khadijah. Regine is Rachel, Overton is more Joey-like with Sinclair being Phoebe (which really made me love Overton and Sinclair), Kyle is Chandler if he had any confidence in himself and life goals, and Max is definitely Monica. Golden Girls is also just a fantastic sitcom. They don’t make shows that good anymore, unfortunately. ETA: As often, I should say. There are a few gems once in a while but nothing that quite matches the magic of 90s sitcoms

  18. Agreed, The only 2000's sitcom that I really like is The Office.

  19. Title says all? It does? What do you mean by "aspects"?

  20. What I meant was things about each Law & Order show that you like the most.

  21. I honestly considered telling his gf but again, I don't want all the anger turned on me when he denies saying those things. I'd say she'd probably dump his ass if she knew.

  22. You could send him a fanfic featuring a storyline where the protagonist is harassed by a flatmate and how gross it makes her feel?

  23. Honestly, that would be pretty funny. Like 'here's the nsfw fanfic you wanted' but its just protagonist getting harassed and then seeking revenge or something

  24. I think it would be awesome. You could make it really disgustingly graphic like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

  25. Made a cake with cheesecake filling? Yes, but I mixed up the bowls this time.

  26. We've all been there. I'm sorry this happened to you.

  27. His picks were mostly crushed in the mid-terms? His brand is so toxic, he might as well be working for the other side?

  28. I'd have to say the most stereotypical noir would be The Maltese Falcon.

  29. Assuming it doesn't need to be rotated to get through a door, throwing the pillows on there doesn't add much weight and eliminates an extra trip or two.

  30. That's the tortitude! I've had two torties and they are fearless and loyal as hell.

  31. Yes! From wing tip to wing tip. The body is 20 inches. My apologies, I should have been more clear

  32. Can you do the owl from Psycho? I've always wanted one.

  33. Thank you so much! We greatly appreciate it.

  34. Thank you so much for the truly good work that you do!

  35. On second viewing, I think it may be a pony.

  36. It’s for sure a cow. I’ve lived with both miniature horses and fuzzy little cows.

  37. My husband, who grew up on a ranch has declared that a pony. It's the hooves. Cows have split hooves.

  38. These young people today. Why, in my day we used to love committing treason with our parents!

  39. No, my Maine Coon looks like a raccoon banged a cat.

  40. Me: Who the fuck are “Gays Against Groomers?”

  41. GG. She has her whole life ahead of her and her father is a rich doormat and her mother lives in France.

  42. It would have resonated better if he hadn't used that exact same language when congratulating Rory for her nast review of the ballerina.

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