1. She is too dumb to know what to be outraged about.

  2. I'm still waiting for the health care plan and did we win the trade war yet? Did he ever finish the wall?

  3. Gotta start thinking about keeping the toys in the garage/museum.

  4. Every time he says "its easy to do" yet does nothing but rage tweet like a prepubescent child. Just like his "2 week health care plan", fucking clown.

  5. yea, I thought trade wars were easy. What a f'ing moron.

  6. The West fighting China is not going to end well for either side.

  7. Geez, cleaning house because of Karen. I guess it works. She must have gotten hold of the manager.

  8. i really don’t understand this. it’s an elective class, if you don’t want to take the course then don’t take it 😭

  9. I remember being in college in early mid 2000s and taking a bunch of my buddies to a friendly in Fullerton college. Tickets were around $10 at the time. Games like that made me the fan that lead to me going to a World Cup in South Africa and going to multiple World Cup qualifiers, and becoming a Circle Insider.

  10. They should have done this at championship stadium in oc great park. Would have been overflow with great environment.

  11. You mean like in Syria when the wagners were wiped out lol. Ruzzia sux hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  12. He literally might just own the team until he dies at this point

  13. its better for tax purposes if he holds onto it until he dies.

  14. Yeah, really important to think about when you’re 76 and could sell something for $2.5 billion. Wanna save some on the taxes for sure lol

  15. L&L Hawaiian BBQ, you get tons of food. Get the kids plate, its huge for a kid.

  16. So sad that as a nation we can't dump this loser in the trash. Half the people in this country believe he is God thanks to right wing media and socials.

  17. Just spit balling here, but I think the only thing that would get them to leave is having the general public harass and heckle them all day. If it became to annoying for them to stay, maybe they would eventually leave. I don't think the public cares about them either way, so we are stuck.

  18. But fucking white go-go boots? Really? Even Florida can do better than that.

  19. I mean it's worse than Dukakis in the tank honestly.

  20. I guess we need to start having trained security with ar-15s at all events. Since we aren't doing anything about gun control.

  21. What if citizens just had firearms on them already? Would eliminate the need for paid security.

  22. You don't want a room full of drunk party revelers armed. Sounds like an accident ready to happen. Armed guard at entrance frisking for guns. We are gonna be just like Israel.

  23. Interesting that the state with the strictest gun control laws still has mass shootings.

  24. If you want to know how these guys critical thinking skills are listen to the last 15 minutes. Huge Kari lake fan and election denier

  25. Yup, the grifters are ruining all of these fun theories.

  26. When is this woman going to be arrested for sedition or treason? I swear she will be riding tanks into Washington with an AK and a machete with a list of names to target and her own personal nukes and they will still be letting her do her committees.

  27. We are being held hostage by corporate media, we need independent media calling their bullshit out everyday.

  28. Start from the beginning and listen to the new ones.

  29. The GOP will now use Santos to show how ‘inclusive’ they are, and accuse anyone who calls for his resignation as being ‘anti-trans’

  30. Yea he is gonna come out as a reformed ex drag who found jesus.

  31. He’s also African-American…”no no, I said A-Freakin’ American”

  32. Iraqi American, no no, I said I rock y Americano.

  33. Well he is speaker now, but looks like a clown, who can take this guy seriously?

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