1. I’ll say crow because it is super versatile

  2. I understand the hate for biutyful but I really like all the other songs. Biutyful would be decent if it wasn’t for that weird alien voice.

  3. Everyone tells each other all kinds of lies

  4. CROW. I ducking hate him when I’m playing against him. Close second with spike and sprout. Ticks are usually garbage so they are less annoying

  5. My grandmother used to yell at me for walking around without my shoes on because she didn’t want my socks to get dirty

  6. This makes me feel so old, I distinctly remember when this series was being advertised

  7. Because our brains work differently and to a lot of NTs different = less intelligent

  8. Crow has always been my favorite, he’s just so much fun to play

  9. I don’t get the whole debate of “autistic person” vs “person with autism.” I’m both autistic and a person with autism so why does it matter what language people use to describe me?

  10. Not to mention Aang never had a father before, the closest he had was Gyatso but even he wasn’t a true father to him. Aang had to balance rebuilding an entire nation, his other avatar duties, and being a parent with no prior knowledge of what one should be like. It really isn’t surprising that he wasn’t the greatest father.

  11. I like to slowly do chip damage and let the opponents be a target for other players. You just have to be patient, eventually your opponent will make a mistake and then you can finish them off.

  12. I only played for the exclusive pin so I can’t complain

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