1. Seeing how far neo has come on this one genuinely makes my heart lighter. I remember asking folks on this very sub a few years ago whether I'd get in trouble for including a pet with nb pronouns in an NT story and having folks agree that it could be risky. And now look at them this Pride! Ngl, I'm truly a little bit :''') IRL right now.

  2. I’m trying, but YYB seems much more difficult then it used to be. I hate all the other games.

  3. Omg, same! I feel like with the recode last year, they changed the scoring mechanics a little? I feel like it used to be much easier to juke to one side straight off the bat and then p much immediately score ... that or I've just gotten rusty lol.

  4. The Semantle answers column on the second sheet looks blank to me, even when I click on the boxes? Not sure whether I'm doing something wrong there or whether we're only collecting Pimantle answers.

  5. If we're tracking Semantle answers too, btw, I can comment a whole bunch, because I've potentially gotten a litttttle obsessed and have been working my way through the archive this week ...

  6. This is so awesome! Thanks for not only making/sharing such a great game but also rolling out even nicer updates - I love it. :D

  7. do they really? where have you posted about this before or do you know any resources to read about the teams besides the hard way? lol

  8. also, if you're curious about the HUGE gender disparity in the teams, heres the breakdown as of THIS YEAR!

  9. damn it really is between shenkuu and faerieland for me then. the pink aesthetic of faerieland is so tempting but the gay captain of shenkuu and the faerieland dynamic of all women except the captain is so sketchy...

  10. OK, after a couple days of pondering this, including discussing it with my (non-neo-playing but patiently indulgent) gf, I just wanted to let you and

  11. I love it! I did like the Lexicle name better tbh ;P, but the new one is great too, plus it's awesome to get such a clean URL. Thanks for making/sharing this!!

  12. OMG do you still have the mutant Aisha?? ❤️❤️😍😍

  13. Ahh, I'm sorry - Bennmont has since zapped into a Desert Uni. D:

  14. Thank you for sharing this in the community! I love how thoughtful our player base is :D

  15. Aww, thanks! I have some other tables on efficient cooking profits and energy use I should clean up and share sometime, inspired by

  16. Good luck adopting out! Those are some lovely names and some very nice lab and petpet lab zaps. :D

  17. Interested in water kacheek if still available! :)

  18. She is! Let's swap to messages to arrange a transfer. =)

  19. I am still having this problem with multiple pets across all my accounts.

  20. Oof. Did you end up submitting a ticket or have any luck that way?

  21. I put in a ticket, but i had another ticket with a different problem, and they closed both at the same time. Just my luck. I need to resubmit with more deets.

  22. Well, fingers crossed for you - and please lmk if you have any luck, lol! I should probably try submitting one myself, too, in case more folks asking them about it makes them take notice ...

  23. Hey! OK, way late, but legit something almost exactly like this - with two pets stuck in the Pound as Travelling/Waiting - just happened to me, too. Did you ever resolve this? If so, how?

  24. You are the hero the people need! As someone who's terminally lazy about her prize shop points and always dithers over how to best spend them, THANKS.

  25. Hahaha, good guess! I actually already have my own alien (

  26. we have similar strats :) I have four blue kougras being zapped in hopes of Faerie/Halloween/Darigan...

  27. Aww, well, good luck zapping! Fingers crossed for you. Iirc, I think I ended up getting Jakjai Alien through a Rainbow Faerie Quest (although I've certainly zapped my share of aliens in the years since then), so that's definitely the easiest option if you're lucky - plus the Faerie Quest event should be coming up (I usually hoard my free NC and then spend it all on FQFCs then, when they're on sale!). And thanks. =)

  28. On the good news front, Level 9 hills (Mythical Aerie Microcosm) do NOT give that stupid grass. They still give other, non-dirt stuff (coins, egg chests, etc.), but IMO it’s SO much easier to work on that chain once you get to that point.

  29. Mine changed after I started playing! Got the first Morpho egg by accidentally tapping but now the rest of the eggs are Jungle. Wth I wanted the Morpho dragons.

  30. Ugh, I’m in the exact same boat. Now I’ve got one Morpho egg stranded in my camp and the rest of the rewards are supposed to be Jungle Dragons? Feels like insult to injury, lol. Was really looking forward to the Morpho Dragons, too ... this sucks.

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