1. I am in 240 right now and it is nothing like 210-230 and is not an easy class. It is not that difficult but if you thrive better in a in person setting I would recommend taking it in person

  2. This makes me think that someone is literally just sitting on his Instagram page and refreshing it every 10 seconds to see if Ye posted anything.

  3. i mean the tattoos were a bit insane especially the one with her childrens initials kim and pete were nuts for thinking that one was ok

  4. honestly she just repulses me lately. she’s clearly going thru a post kanye midlife crisis. she’s way too obsessed with being skinny to the point where i think she has lost all sexiness. her post recent instagram post with kylie looks like a skeleton. i don’t know if it’s an eating disorder or coke but whatever it is she needs to stop.

  5. he’s a 1 but he keeps trying to shame you into having his baby

  6. honestly tristan because he has publicly destroyed the khloe we all knew and loved

  7. i agree i thought it was so rude especially during kris’s gift to kylie

  8. do i have to pay child support if i didn’t want the child

  9. travis barker looks like emo voldemort and he talks to kourtney like he’s talking to a child i can’t stand him

  10. hell ya her music and fashion is wayy better than beys both icons obvi and maybe it’s a 90s babies vs 2000s babies thing but personally rihanna has delivered more for me

  11. god is lol it’s one of my grandmas favorite songs

  12. can we please stop with this it’s disrespectful to khloe who lost her dad as a teenager leave the girl alone who tf cares

  13. this is honestly the most disrespectful thing people say to khloe. robert kardashian is her dad and the girl lost him when she was just a teenager. imagine the world saying you are so much uglier than your sisters you couldn’t possibly have the same dad and imagine how that hurts her when she is still probably mourning the loss of her father. and you guys wonder why she has serious problems with being insecure in relationships

  14. Of all the things happening to the world, you really are concerned about some photoshopped plastic brat?

  15. u can see she looks too skinny in paparazzi pics as well i’m more concerned for her daughter who has already been bombarded with unrealistic beauty standards and celebrity, having to see this new anorexic heroin chic phase for her mother

  16. i mean she’s dropped too much weight in too little time idk how else that happens other than a touch of anorexia

  17. bill russell owes the celtics zero loyalty after the way boston treated him id be a lakers fan if i were him after what he experienced

  18. my anatomy teacher would be disappointed in me lol

  19. Serious question… sorry if it’s dumb, but how do you achieve a completely hairless look??? Because I shave it all off but you can still see where the hair grows.

  20. i think it’s laser or nothing my friend got hers waxed but but she said it didn’t look perfectly smooth still

  21. The gloves actually have magnets in them to swiftly pick up any dropped jewelry off the ocean floor. So innovative.

  22. kim there’s people that are dying

  23. lol me and my a cups would cop

  24. it’s giving royal family😬😬

  25. Idk I wouldn’t be surprised but this is serving lies. Maybe she did technically attend the same school but never met or spoke to them. The way she recalled how long ago it was is a bit textbook compensatory

  26. honestly i bet she has very little first hand experience but i bet their reputations spread quickly around the school seeing as they were reality tv stars at the time

  27. “george bush doesn’t care about black people”

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