1. The original post where OP posted this photo definitely had a light-hearted joking tone behind it.

  2. Delete this comment right now 😭😭😭

  3. I will not be embarassed that the community is making jokes on their own expence. If this is the worst of HK community I will take it over any other

  4. Right??? There are so much worse in other community comparing to us

  5. This is from a movie called "the lighthouse"

  6. This better not based on Junji Ito's story: the light house. I still have trauma 😭😭

  7. 👮‍♂️pee poo pee poo, sir, may I see your ID card and the sauce???

  8. I have been both guys. But definitely prefer the one whose mental health needs saving.

  9. Hmmmmmm, something is not right, hmmmm

  10. No need to elaborate, already downvote. Not because I disagree with you, I just don't need another tierlist here

  11. Yes, actually this moment is when the hollow knight became impure, huge lore moment :)

  12. Is this ... a homophonic gay??? 😱😱 what kind of paradox is this

  13. No thanks, there's billions of dicks in this planet and Im not staying with the toxic one

  14. Happy now ? Now you look even more stupid then before .

  15. 😩 the dramaaa 🍵☕🍿

  16. Come'on guys, it would take 2 of us to fill that. You guys go first, I will be the 3rd guy, trying to fill it when it already full 😩

  17. I had Junji Ito Uzamaki flash back

  18. You didn't 😭😭😭💀💀💀

  19. Music in your video suck. Choose better music

  20. This is some Junji Ito vore shit

  21. Oh sure, Jerry can be a train. But I bet he'll never become the moon.

  22. I can't unseen it. The shadowy at the far right is the red bird in angry bird 😭😭

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