1. I'm a Dark Winter, I can't figure out my face shape- probably pear? My hair is wavy (probably 2b). My fruit shape is hourglass and I'm a cello in the Trinny and Susannah variation of the fruit shape system. My Kibbe type is undetermined right now, but probably Romantic. My TiB essences are Romantic/Ingenue/Natural, my Kitchener essences are Romantic/Youthful/Natural/High-Spirited, and I'm Right+Down in Rita's system.

  2. Michelle Obama and Tracee Ellis Ross are verified FNs, and Kamala Harris is verified SN.

  3. It's just been a straight line down ever since the first Kibbe "influencer." I can't necessarily recount the whole history (there are people who've been around much longer than I have and can either correct me or fill in gaps), but:

  4. I think the woman who explains weight gain patterns with unverified women is Gabrielle Arruda. AFAIK there could be more than one, but I always see her weight gain pattern post being linked.

  5. Thanks for the links! I see that while she didn't say 'huge', she said similar enough words that it's basically the same, though she didn't say 'masculine' or 'manly' to describe SN in those videos. That said, she did describe SNs as 'slightly muscular', and the way she pronounces 'muscular' sounds more like 'mascular', and I can see how that can be interpreted as 'masculine'! But yeah, the second Kim video was a nonsensical mess.

  6. These were just some of the problematic videos, but there’s much more if you rewatch all her videos individually and take note of the flowery and positive description of some types—and then the stark contrast in adjectives that she uses for yang types, SN included. She is most people’s first introduction to this system, and I bet that almost no one would love to be described the way she described SNs in her videos.

  7. I'm very aware of what she said about D and FN, but I'm not arguing that her content isn't problematic, I'm just trying to fact-check. I'm all for criticism of what she actually said (such as the "drag queen" comments about D and FN, or describing SNs as "slightly massive"), but not criticism of what what she didn't say (calling SNs "masculine" or "manly").

  8. Sorry what relevance does this have? Also, google Kim when she was 14.

  9. It's relevant because of the stereotype that Naturals are all inherently fit and toned without ever having to exercise, when that's not true. It may steer SNs who are softer-looking away from SN, because they'll think they're not athletic-looking enough to be SN.

  10. But they were both athletic looking before working out is my point?… So am I wrong in saying that SN look naturally toned and athletic? Cause I’m still new to Kibbe. This is just what I perceive when looking at them.

  11. I mean, do you know they weren't working out at the time? But it doesn't matter, those are two individual SNs, and not all SNs are exactly the same. AFAIK, Kibbe himself has never described SNs as naturally toned or athletic, that's something that came from bloggers and vloggers discussing Kibbe. It's possible that some SNs may have an easier time building muscle, or having muscle be visible, but most people, regardless of Kibbe ID, aren't going to magically be fit and toned if they never exercise.

  12. No one's forcing you to keep looking at Kibbe-related subreddits, though? If you don't want to waste your time on it, then move on.

  13. I'm Dark Winter and probably either SN or R.

  14. I think SN has lower body curve only, as width would interrupt upper curve.

  15. I understand this thinking because of popular lower body curvy SNs (Jlo for example), but I also thought that SNs are known for having a pinup girl look which would include that upper body curve regardless of width?

  16. You can have a large bust without having upper curve. In Kibbe, curve has more to do with how fabric drapes on the body. Kibbe's terminology can be confusing- he has his own definition of many words.

  17. I did the same thing with a ‘tamer’ version of that sub called HowToBeHot and it’s awful. People promoting disordered eating habits, picking fault with the smallest things about the way other women look, the fucked up shit about how they think the size of someone’s facial and bodily features determine how objectively attractive they are. I’m extremely insecure about the way I look, but there’s a huge line between insecurities and fucking eugenics.

  18. This. A while back I joined HowToBeHot as well as some other Vindicta-lite subs thinking they'd have the beauty tips and such of Vindicta minus the toxicity (Vindicta's toxicity was so obvious I never joined), but they turned out to be just as bad while pretending not to be. I stuck around longer than I should have, but eventually I left.

  19. It's probably also in there as well. Ingenue seems to have gotten split up into a few other categories.

  20. I feel like Kibbe Romantic is a mix of McJimsey's Romantic and Ingenue, and the yin part of most of the other soft types also incorporates that mix.

  21. From what I remember, you must have upper curve to accomodate curve in Kibbe.

  22. SNs accommodate lower curve only. Their width interrupts upper curve. Only accommodating lower curve doesn't necessarily mean pear-shaped.

  23. It was the same for me! I knew right off the bat I was one of the Down quadrants, but I didn't really relate much to most of the keywords for Left or Right, which was why I initially had some confusion there. It was learning about each quadrant's approach to dressing and style that helped me figure out I'm RD.

  24. If naturals are the most common and varied type, maybe there should be more natural IDs. The gamine-ish SN and curvy FN are obvious examples and have to tweak their recs anyway. IMO it makes no sense at all that width and curve are only mutually exclusive in tall women? Or that shorter natural women can be conventionally narrow and short but can’t have a petite/juxtaposed impression? He probably didn’t want to complicate the system too much so I get it, but this issue comes up constantly. Overall there’s a bottleneck around width which is coincidentally an extremely stigmatized body feature in women. It’s unfortunate this is the best system we have because it’s really interesting!! But some of its flaws are so persistent it can suck the fun out.

  25. Yeah, I have so many issues with Blossom Styling, but one thing I did like about it was the added types, though even then I think there could have been more types.

  26. I was unsure if this post might get heavily downvoted/be controversial for some reason, but I really appreciate your comment as it confirms that I’m not the only one who’s been noticing the resurgence of misinformation about the natural family!

  27. I've noticed that resurgence, too. I think it's part of a resurgence of misinformation about Kibbe in general, like the head size myth.

  28. Definitely archetypes. Up/Down was really easy to figure out. I instantly knew I was a Down type. I had a harder time with Left/Right. Initially I thought I was probably LD, but after Rita released more videos on the system, I realized I was RD. But I'm still figuring archetypes out.

  29. I love the emphasis on "aaaaalllllll the curves"

  30. She's not only a tall Romantic, she's the only Romantic and soft type left, because as she has aaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllll the curves, there's none left for anyone else! RIP SD, SN, SC, SG, and TR, you're now retired. D, FN, DC, and FG are now the only options for the rest of us.

  31. I could see TR over any gamine type. She doesn't look like she needs to accommodate juxtaposition

  32. Gamines accommodate petite, not juxtaposition. Juxtaposition isn't one of the traits that are accommodated in Kibbe.

  33. Just curious, are you getting most of your Kibbe information from Youtube? Because Youtube and blogs that mention Kibbe often tend to present inaccurate stereotypes of each type and clothing recs. None of the verified SNs look like lumberjacks, and you aren't required to wear frumpy clothing, sporty styles, or boho looks.

  34. One thing I’m confused about regarding your method here — don’t SG and TR both have double curve?

  35. IIRC, SG can have double curve, but it's not a requirement to be an SG, while double curve is a requirement for R fam.

  36. Any type could be 5'2", as there are no height maximums. It's less likely that someone will be one of the vertical types at 5'2", but it's possible.

  37. I'm still in the process of figuring it out. After reading up on the types on various blogs, I was pretty sure I was SN for some time. But after a long period of reading and learning more about Kibbe and re-examining myself, I'm less sure. I still think there's a strong possibility I'm an SN, but R is also starting to look like a possibility, too.

  38. I think he has a point. A lot of mainstream liberal feminism focuses on how much women could & should act like men.

  39. I don't see that in current mainstream liberal feminism. Maybe in the past, but not so much now.

  40. Yeah, I also like graphic T-shirts, patterns, colorblocks. I tend to prefer dressing in different shades of 2-3 colours altogether to make an ordinary, yet interesting outfits. Line-wise, I'm leaning more towards SN or DC, TR, FG. Idk, I just dont't like frilly stuff or "boho chic" or overly feminine clothes. I tend to wear shoes with platforms & wide heals, because I can walk naturally in them, not like spike heels. I also look good in comfortable wear with messy, big hair & if I brush it, I sometimes look worse than before(it's not always the case, but it happens a lot). My romantic essence, I guess my mouth, collar bones & my tiny waist.

  41. You don't need to be small or fragile-looking to have Ingenue essence. To be a pure Ingenue you would need to, but most people with Ingenue essence will have it as part of a combination with other essences. Gwendoline Christie (who is anything but small or fragile-looking) is said to have some Ingenue essence.

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