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  1. If you think that’s nice, check out the Season 2 steel.

  2. Haven’t seen that Flash Steelbook before. That thing is awesome

  3. If you think that’s nice, check out the Season 2 steel.

  4. I keep all of mine in a box. While not immediately useful, they can be a good resource to check features and specs on that specific release.

  5. All of that info is available online.

  6. I know it’s all personal opinion but I 100% agree with you. It may make a few people upset but I open all of my steels, redeem any codes they may come with, throw away the j-card, and put the film in a steel protector.

  7. I don't even redeem the codes. They just sit in there, tucked in all nice like until I see they have expired and think "hmm maybe I should have redeemed that." But then I don't want to have 5 different movie streaming apps to watch my 25 movie collection so I don't redeem.

  8. Just sell them or give them away if you won’t use them.


  10. Removed due to being off topic.

  11. He didn't have to use rare modded gameboys

  12. GameBoys are not in limited supply. It’s fine.

  13. It’s not just a graphical update. It’s way bigger than that.

  14. It’s my number three!

  15. Your post has been removed because of untagged spoilers. Feel free to tag your spoilers and resubmit your post/comment. Titles cannot contain spoilers as they cannot be edited and are not hidden by the spoiler button. To spoiler tag comments use this:

  16. Their source might just be rayfield radiation or at least The Beast maybe fire works as a source

  17. The Beast doesn’t have fire powers but it is theorized that its powers are based on Ray Field radiation.

  18. In the Canadian version all 3 family members are dreaming about hockey

  19. They also edited the meal to be poutine and beaver tails.

  20. Sadly his death scene(s) really didn’t land for me. Crisis was really poorly done imo and the way they treated Oliver was a big reason for that. I loved the actual series finale though.

  21. also the leading seasons were shit too.

  22. First half of Season 7 and almost all of Season 8 were great.

  23. They must have won the Maze Theory contest!

  24. No they don't, if you want the cole's legacy dlc you can make an account in EU and you can download it from there

  25. DLC is region-specific though so you’d also need an EU copy of the game.

  26. No it does not. PS Plus Extra games still require you to purchase DLC separately.

  27. Yeah I hope this does well and would attend if I lived nearer, but I don't think I would make the trip unless it was at least Dark Knight/Rises, Interstellar and Dunkirk in 15/70mm at 1.43:1.

  28. All of Nolan’s films are framed to work in 2.39, albeit not the best experience. The Blu-Ray releases are 1.78 so that’s what LieMAX theatres use.

  29. That's interesting, because I've never seen his films projected for 1.9 screens. I assumed either it would be 2.39 with letterboxing or 1.43 with letterboxing.

  30. No the whole point is that the whole screen is filled. The only time lettetboxing is used is for the non-IMAX shots which are always 2.39

  31. When tf did any of this happen? I heard about none of this.

  32. It didn’t read as sarcastic in any way. You could’ve just said “hell yeah that’s badass” and nobody would’ve ever batted an eye.

  33. Wait, are those posters available now? Where did you get them?

  34. They sold out about 2-3 weeks ago. They are still showing on the UK page as out of stock but haven't been taken down all together so they may still do a restock. But I live in NA but I have made a friend in the UK that sends me the good rewards they get and I send them what we get. And I just got these posters in the mail not long ago. But I have been waiting on them for a couple weeks I had them ordered like a day or so before they went put of stock.

  35. I didn’t even know they were a thing, damn.

  36. Because he only goes to White Castle.

  37. Of your TV doesn’t support HDR then Disney+ shouldn’t be enabling it. You should just be seeing it in SDR.

  38. That's what I thought too but here we are, maybe it's some fake hdr from my tv?

  39. What TV do you own? What are you watching Disney+ through? Does this occur with non-IMAX Enhanced films?

  40. I think you’re right

  41. For anyone who is wondering it is so I could get the interiors.

  42. What’re you using them for?

  43. I don’t know exactly what you mean when you say a spin-off.

  44. For me it’s better than neither. I enjoy both PS4 games less than inFAMOUS 1 and 2.

  45. No, this can’t be. The interviewer clearly gave brad the idea, he just ran with it.

  46. It obviously would only be announced for nintendo by nintendo, but does anyone else feel like this is too late? It's releasing 6 years after P5 first came out in english (7 since JP), 3.5 years after Joker in smash, and 2.5 years after Royal released in english (3 since JP).

  47. It’s never too late. There are lots of people who only have a Switch, and for them this is their first chance to play the games. Same goes for the Xbox crowd.

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