1. Okay, that’s weird. What’s supposed to happen is, you get out of the larva boss fight, you go to Alchemilla hospital and have a conversation with Lisa, then you leave the hospital and go straight across the street and up the stairs, and the moth thing should attack you as soon as you get up to the roof. If you’ve done all that and he’s still not spawning, all I can think is some kind of glitch or emulation error.

  2. I think I forgot to go to alchemia hospital

  3. Ah, that might be it. It’s a little unclear what you’re supposed to do there but Harry says something about wanting to talk to Lisa to find out how to get to the amusement park.

  4. Thing is, since this is my second playthrough and I have seen the cutscenes on YouTube as well, I just skipped them, so kinda my bad.

  5. He was such a God tier character in the series, fucking love him.

  6. This game worth it even on 60 bucks

  7. Pretty sure you can buy a product key online, but they tend to be quite expensive I believe.

  8. Before you pay sent them here a message and explain you situation. In my experience they are very generous and chances are good you only have to pay the regular ticket price

  9. If you have bank statements showing you bought the ticket, then you won’t have to pay it

  10. i paid in cash, that is the problem.

  11. Get some german guy to make you a cup heater

  12. For the record: the more common way to express that in English would be "help yourself".

  13. so "so" is the equivalent of like this?

  14. Bro these take me back when I started using Internet.

  15. Posted you a link for one. Personally I love them for gaming but you could always do a full keyboard. I got a good wireless/mouse combo for about 40$ on Amazon. Enjoy the 3050!! Depending on the games you play enable DLSS in the graphics section, I found that boosted my fps in a bunch of games if they have it.

  16. Thank you so much! BTW do you use a cooling pad?

  17. Yes cooling pad for sure, I use the havit rgb cooling pad from Amazon, some say they don’t help, but I see a 5 degree difference when gaming, and you can adjust it and put the laptop on a nice angle so no heat gets trapped under it either

  18. I mostly want a cooling pad for noise, today I run a game on 144fps and it was loud, would the CP be helpful in this case?

  19. How do you add emulated games on steam, looks neat af.

  20. Lol fair enough. Estranged Act 1 isn't quite SH like, but I do love the chill island atmosphere combined with the deadly (and quite fast) zombie horror aspect

  21. well I don't say no to free, will play it tonight.

  22. Lovely! Would like to hear ur thoughts on it if posibble

  23. With pleasure, it probably won't take long.

  24. Literally every popular indie steam game

  25. They probably ate him alive for trolling his clan.

  26. Yo can anyone explain this meme to me?

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