How do I approach telling my husband to stop jerking off into my blanket?

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I can't help but look.

  1. Looks more like a meal worm beetle

  2. It is. Superworms are much bigger (assuming the hand belongs to a normal sized human).

  3. I keep this stuff in my kitchen as a staple. It’s so good.

  4. The people mad at her for being allowed to use this flute at a concert, and at the library of congress, are fucking morons. They wouldn't even know it existed if it wasn't for this event.

  5. This is such a weird take. Antique instruments need to be played periodically to stay alive, and Lizzo is fully qualified to be using an instrument like this.

  6. I’d argue that Marilyn’s dress is iconic enough to at least keep it in a sealed, climate controlled space.

  7. If you’re against abortion, don’t have one. I can respect that, until you start trying to interfere in the bodily autonomy of other people.

  8. For real? I need a source for this. That's crazy and also very telling.

  9. This is a reference to a trope that women’s vaginas are destroyed by multiple partners, but doesn’t seem to affect women who have the same partner for multiple years.

  10. Interesting, and thanks for clarifying. I totally agree, men are never (or barely, if ever) held accountable for having multiple partners, but a woman gets called out for satisfying the need.

  11. Purity culture is an artificial construct that harms women.

  12. Anyone old enough to remember calling it a chesterfield?

  13. Started at age 20, I’m 45 now. My longest break was the two months around the birth of my son, 12 years ago.

  14. When you work in musical theatre, we have to keep the microphone battery pack dry even though we are sweating and dancing. We unlubricated condoms for this purpose.

  15. I know what you meant, but I can't get the image out of my head of a bunch of theater techs with paper towels wiping the lube off of condoms so they can use them to protect battery packs.

  16. What’s better is bringing a box of 1000 unlubricated condoms to sound check because it’s really hard to find them anywhere but Amazon.

  17. My MiL will bring a hot water bottle to the lab, and put it on her inner arm while she’s waiting for the tech. She has terrible veins and it makes a big difference for her.

  18. Mine lasted about 6 months before it stopped, and my hair is almost back to normal after 2 years. I take biotin supplements, which seem to help.

  19. My former boss fired a woman who came back from mat leave after they decided they liked the temp replacement better. I referred her to a friend who is an employment lawyer that specializes in human rights issues.

  20. Not from Quebec, but the restaurant that I used to work for did a prime rib dinner every Sunday and we’d make quite a lot of jus which would be thickened into gravy the next day. We extended it with a bit of bouillon, but the base was natural beef stock.

  21. Pressure cooked after charring? Then simmered? You have my attention. That pressure cooking step seems…. Intriguing.

  22. The pressure cooking gets more flavour out of the bone, and reduces the amount of simmering. This is the only way I make stock at home now, and I never use oxo or bouillon.

  23. Tap water because bottled water has more micro plastics.

  24. Tap water because bottled water has excessive plastic in general.

  25. Put a jug of tap water in the fridge, the chlorine will evaporate in a few hours.

  26. Oh wow, lucky for both! It would be so nice to scritch and eagle but that beak is so sharp!

  27. Eagle beaks are relatively easy to deal with; it’s the talons that are scary.

  28. Personally having had half a finger filleted by a parrot I will be staying far, far away from the eagle beak lol

  29. You’re wise to stay away from parrot beaks! Macaws have a bite force of 700psi.

  30. Probably just proves that you dont need the expensive equipment and basic/starter stuff is sufficient? I have no experience in fishing at all but I feel like in most fields this is true.

  31. My dad says the rod doesn’t matter. It’s what’s on both ends that counts.

  32. To me it looks like an eye of Horus, which symbolises wellbeing and protection

  33. I thought the exact same thing! That’s a blessing, not a bad omen.

  34. Are you married to a 13 year old boy??? Seriously lady, think long and hard about your answer to this question because I've never seen a grown man act this much a fool.

  35. My 13 yo son would be horrified by this behaviour.

  36. Republicans would immediately give it a birth certificate, a gun license, and make sure it was registered to vote because it doesn’t have a brain like most of their constituents.

  37. Does that still apply if the donor of the skin cells wasn’t white?

  38. “How non-white are we talking?” - Most Republicans in Congress

  39. It’s even sharper when he’s clean shaven.

  40. Squirrels can bite toes off?! Time to frantically search Google for pics of this.

  41. My dog caught a squirrel and it shredded her lip. The squirrel escaped unharmed, my dog needed stitches.

  42. She was a rottie x shepherd, big enough to kill a squirrel, just not in her nature. I think she thought they were playing, but the squirrel was not having it.

  43. Robots are expensive, and less replaceable than poor people.

  44. That's so fucking bizarre that grown ass adults would choose to be put in such an authoritarian, demeaning, and toxic atmosphere.

  45. The reason I put “punitive” in quotes is because it isn’t. We do push-ups all the time because it’s a great way to get strong.

  46. Look, I’m happy with the way that we train at my karate dojo. I’ve been at it for over 25 years and I’ve never felt abused or demeaned in any way. The instructors are supportive and seem to genuinely care about the art and the students. It’s possible to train in a disciplined way without being militaristic or macho.

  47. Thanks, I’ve never seen one before.

  48. Peregrines are much smaller than red tails I would not call them huge.

  49. I think there’s too much red for a peregrine.

  50. My team told me to get any piercings or tattoos while I was waiting. I got a tattoo anyway, mostly because my neph nurse told me that it was ok as long as it was clean and knew I was at least a year out from surgery.

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