1. Yes, but for some reason there is not a lot of books available in my region - and the ones that are have many weeks wait time 😞

  2. Did you know that Alexa will read books for you. I didn’t have audiobook for the series I just read so I used Alexa.

  3. I literally just finished {The Enchanted Kingdom series by Tricia Wentworth} and it was great. No steam (just kidding) and FTB. It does have sort of a love triangle similar to ACOTAR in that you’ll be rooting for the second person. She does not date two people at once.

  4. I really enjoyed {Deal with the Devil by Evangeline Anderson}. FMC is werewolf, MMC is vampire.

  5. I have mine linked on fetch and receipt hog. It’s secure. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Thanks for posting this. I’m getting rid of audible soon so I’m gonna try it.

  7. I do like it so far. I tried a while back to listen to Call me maybe but for some reason the female narrators voice really annoys me. But I saw this one had a different narrator. I’m super bummed though cuz everyone seems to love Call me maybe.

  8. I tend to agree here. I haven't read the book in question, but I will say that not getting the little details right can really take me out of a story . If it's sold as a big part of the story, it's important to get it right because otherwise you'll ruin it for someone who really knows the details.

  9. I guess that’s why I’ve often heard the saying “write what you know.” It’s probably frustrating to read a book about a topic you’re really familiar with only to have the author get it wrong.

  10. {Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas} - the FMC meets the MMC when he crashes her brother's wedding (he and the SIL used to have a thing, and he's sort of a family enemy). She goes on to marry her college boyfriend, who's an abusive narcissist (Kleypas does NOT shy away from showing this). She and the MMC meet again after she leaves her husband.

  11. Have you read {Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan}? The FMC and MMC meet and feel this special connection but she's in a relationship with his college basketball rival. They don't get to be together for yearsss. Please check CWs (I never really pay attention to those but you may wanna).

  12. I mentioned it in the comment somewhere but it’s Nero by SJ Tilly. Really great read if you love OTT possessive and morally grey heroes

  13. Sorry. I read through several comments but didn’t see it. It must’ve been further down. Thanks for letting me know.

  14. OK, I just ran to the kindle store and bought Wild One (for, um, reasons...) OMG. 😳🥵😳🥵😳🥵. Thank you for this. I echo all the goodreads and amazon reviews that repeated "Uhhh, I guess I unlocked a new kink?!?" Let's just say I have about 8 bookmarks already! 🤣 Will definitely buy the rest of the series, damn.

  15. I read a book a while back and it had a few sentences about this kink. The FMC had just fed her twins and her breasts were still too full. The MMC said he’d help her out & then he did. I was surprised when those few sentences unlocked a new kink for me. So when someone mentioned this book, I gave it a try. Holy smokes was it hot!!! Anyway, I’m so glad you liked this book!!!

  16. A lot of people recommended the Bonds series to me but I read the ending wasn’t satisfactory and so I kind of paused. I really want to read it though, what do you say

  17. I thought the ending was satisfying. I’m not sure why anyone else wouldn’t like it. I ended up reading Lords of pain, lords of wrath and lords of mercy. I liked it which surprised me.

  18. Check out the Ruthless Warlords Series. The first two books,

  19. Planet of Kings series by Lee Savino. It's very descriptive of smells and fluids though which made me stop at book 2.

  20. Me too! I really liked Nino in Twisted Emotions. I’m the twisted series, I’ve only read Twisted Emotions and Twisted Pride. Did you read the entire Twisted series? Were they all good?

  21. Yes, I've read the whole Camorra Chronicles series. I liked Twisted Loyalties (#1, Fabiano and Leona), I loved Twisted Emotions (#2, Nino and Kiara) and Twisted Pride (#3, Remo and Serafina), and I liked Twisted Bonds (#4, Nino and Kiara again).

  22. Super steamy!!! But no m/m action. I love these books and they may be a guilty pleasure but I reread them often. The angst is top notch.

  23. Yes I love this series! Super fun and over the top, funny, super steamy. So I hesitate to say they are objectively “good” since these are not fine literature or anything but if you’re looking for steamy RH that’s fun and entertaining these are great! The FMC can be a little annoying at first but I ended up really liking her. Loved all the MMCs.

  24. Its a little old, but beautiful disaster by Jamie McGuire , it has the same vibe

  25. Just saw this and yes he does - wonderfully so!! The Dirty series by Janie Diamond is great too as well as the spinoff series from that about Ashley Player's new band. My newest favorite series is Son's of Sin by Nola Marie though.

  26. Thanks for responding! I haven’t heard of Sons of sin. I’ll check it out.

  27. {The Lone Wolf's Rejected Mate by Cate C. Wells} Five Packs book 3, M/F, 3⭐, medium steam, PNR/shifter, warnings: kidnapping

  28. If you want, you can always skip around to try the ones you mentioned that are universally loved. I started the series by reading Lothaire. I skipped around and it didn’t ruin anything in my opinion. I think my two favorite are Lothaire and Kiss of a Demon King. I personally thought the one with the French ghost {Dark needs at nights edge} was just ok

  29. Okay, I've been in a huge slump for a bit (both with reading and writing), but been very just meh about a lot of books that weren't necessarily bad.

  30. I also recommend reading book 2 of the Parallel series. It was good.

  31. You might like some of Susan Trombley’s SFR aliens!!! I just finished {My Ant Monster Mate by Susan Trombley} and will never look at insects the same way again.

  32. The trilogy that starts with {The Warrior Midwife} fits this. She’s a human who has magic. She goes undercover as a guy at the Fae warrior training academy. It was a good series

  33. Wish I could find Canterbury at my library, but nope. I'm trying to downsize, and that includes my ton of books.

  34. Don't have a Kindle, I just use an android tablet for my e-books. So probably not?

  35. You can read on your phone with the kindle app. You don’t need to have a kindle. Any place you can download apps should work.

  36. I also stopped after book 2. I really liked both books even though it’s not a premise I thought I’d be into.

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