1. Excuse me sir what do you mean used to

  2. He means that NP is used to unlock talents for cats

  3. The bloons haven’t any hears tho

  4. Upgrade your mortar into a 025

  5. Try your best to do as many as you can, Crazed cat appears on the 3rd Crazed tank appears on the 6th Crazed axe appears on the 9th Crazed gross appears on the 12th Crazed cow appears on the 15th Crazed bird appears on the 18th Crazed fish appears on the 21st Crazed lizard appears on the 24th Crazed titan appears on the 27th

  6. Cyborg cat with macho legs as her legs

  7. Beefcake with crazed sexy legs Mother cat with gross cat legs

  8. Firework guys 1 and Firework guys 2

  9. As if battle cats is supposed to make sense

  10. If they do make a metal behemoth and metal egg unit, they'd have to make it so the behemoth has high range (outranges most current metal critting units that aren't Uber/legend) otherwise they risk making the egg unit too strong of an anti metal, if it would be a crit unit and not a debuffer

  11. I want a courier critter and you have no right to deny me my dreams

  12. Sorry, but noob mistake here. As long as you time Awakened bahamut right after the first doge dies, you win easy. Eggy also needed here for meatshielding

  13. My man doesn’t even have A. Bahamut and he’s challenging korea

  14. and i thought chubby b goode was already hard enough

  15. Lure the camel closer to your base so the peons become less relevant and then use jamiera and cat cannon together

  16. my strategy to beat up fili when I get to him will be similar except with bora as well cause gravi is a tanker not a fighter

  17. Bashing him with a big rock is funnier

  18. Mmm, bones Does it still count as floating?

  19. It bother me that its face is mirrored

  20. Bullet train + fishman and there you go. No assassin bears 👍

  21. laughs in beating itf3 before Prince of Darkness

  22. I had a fun idea so I doodled some stuff. I'm not sure if I'll do this for other enemy types, but this one was certainly fun.

  23. Make nimoy bore more flamboyant

  24. Fear not, my friend, I have got Level 8+ Etienne to help out. With his new tech, he can help everyone see Camo.

  25. Everyone on screen, that is

  26. Mythic titan extinguishing itself by putting on a shirt


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