1. Are they finally covering every county or do I still need a friend in Cork to order one for me?

  2. Oh look, another post from someone who thinks a quasqi is basically a Ford f350 instead of a lifted megane.

  3. Glib comparison to gloss over that SUVs are causing more extreme injures and deaths compared to standard cars in ireland that the IMO are recommending that they have a warning for increased kill rate of collisions with pedestrians [link] (

  4. Of course we'd get Liverpool. I don't f***ing want Liverpool.

  5. Went in Tuesday, was intending to just grab my laptop and go WFH but my manager wasn't in so I had to stay to man the Fort

  6. Why? For this one task I don't think it's a big deal. You're not expected to use the VPN continuously. Switch it on, sign up, turn off, delete.

  7. Actual SUV: Off road ability and laod hauling.

  8. Well isn’t this place a geographical oddity? Two weeks from everywhere!

  9. No, that solicitor had this question on his TikTok. You don't have to.

  10. Even so I'd image most of the studios are properly built. Not an old outdoor toilet with a mattress in it like we get here.

  11. And we'll bottle it in the quarter finals as usual.

  12. Not unusual in fifa though. I've heard this before.

  13. Nostalgia is just heroin for old people. Just because you had more hair and were getting laid more doesn't mean it was better.

  14. Red dead redemption 2 and battlefield 1 campaign

  15. Yep. I’m a disabled war vet and although I have many permanent injuries which affect my mobility, I happen to be younger and in pretty good shape, so every time I get out of my car in a handicap spot, someone makes a point to tell me those spots are for truly disabled people or how healthy I look. I usually reply with some variation of, “the criteria for qualifying for disabled parking doesn’t include looking disabled to random passerby”

  16. If there's a lot of people about I'll often fake a limp because I've heard the mutterings of "but he's not in a wheelchair" before.

  17. What they caught was like all the other food, for export to the industrial cities of Britain.

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