1. Kai EXO definitely have y’all seen him? 😍

  2. Shawty imma party till the sun down with Sehun

  3. Ksoo is a great script identifier for sure! Love the promos so far of the show!

  4. Drinking okay, not smoking. People really don’t understand smoking has way adverse affects & a drinking addiction does too. So yeah smoking a big no no!

  5. It’s a producer tag! EXO’s power & Baeks cry for love has “London Noiseu” (LDN Noise in Kr accent) LDN Noise produced those songs! Incoming is for Dem Jointz!

  6. I have got a rabies shot followed by homeopathic treatment that completely cured me hence I know the pain. People here who are saying the stray issue isn’t bad in Mumbai need to come to Powai! It’s BAD here! Except for the main streets at Hiranandani.

  7. Support this 100%. Stray dogs are hazardous to humans and should be treated as pests. I have watched someone close to me die due to rabies despite taking the vaccine. So no amount of downvotes can change my opinion.

  8. you will not believe this but that's how Australians pronounce EXO 😭😭 /j

  9. They truly are something like hear me out. I’m sorry but from all the SM female groups, they the only one with stage presence and attitude you need to perform. Even in this still just look at all of them especially YURI, Seohyun, Tiffany. Something I feel only Shinee has and EXO as label mates inherited from them was this-Putting on a damn show!!! They look only like stars that have the charm & that’s what makes them this superior unforgettable girl group.

  10. The guy in the second picture looking like Joe Keery

  11. He has just promised stuff and done so much to multiple women it’s just plus her being so blindly in love with him. I feel bad for her tbh

  12. It’s honestly sad he has no one in his family to take the business forward in a systematic manner.

  13. cannot believe you are coughing up hybe in this article post. sure SM has a lot of “survivors” but they are also the reason the gov had to put a stop to those “slave contracts”.

  14. There’s no talk of contracts here at all! and im not denying the slave contracts either. These “survivors” are willingly at SM! No one’s held them captive post the end of their contracts. BoA is the creative director & Kangta is one of the shareholders or directors too I guess I’m not too sure. Got Hybe into this because we’ve seen a series of unwanted disbandments when they could do something.

  15. I’m am enrich member and their services have been really worth the price! As a woman I’d always be scared of waxing whenever I’d go but their different methods have been great! Yet to try haircut with them but they’re known to give good services, if it’s an occasion you can try to see?!

  16. I'm new to Mumbai too. I've realised in 1 week that Mumbai local is far better than any other commute.

  17. It’s unsafe as hell & I have been born & brought up here. Tried, tested, almost had a horrific incident, life saved, decided to never travel in it ever again!

  18. Lol don’t no need to, I’m living a great life without travelling in trains lol

  19. December rains might actually be amazing. I remember it rained on 1st and 2nd December in 2021. Fooking old monk time bit early.

  20. Think about the adverse immunity effects this could cause everything’s not about “omg love the weather”

  21. Monsoons are only enjoyable when the travel part is eliminated & the water doesn’t enter our houses! But honestly done with the weather man! I don’t mind heat, humidity, sweat but just bring the damn sun out

  22. They’re useless anyways and never want to go anywhere cause “traffic” I’d rather have them leave the city only!

  23. No way they're useless. Agreed sometimes they don't go where you want but you appreciate Mumbai rickshaw and taxis when you travel outside the city and you gotta pay 120 rs for 1.5 km or hear shit from them for not having change.

  24. Sometimes? lol they never go nowadays! Never! Since the pandemic their audacity to say no has just risen heaps & bounds

  25. He’s being absolutely respectful here! Idk y’all need to stop!

  26. I can see heart attack, kidney failure, obesity and god knows what all

  27. Can be an infection too go get it checked and also observe if you’re having any other abnormal symptoms with it. Tell everything to your doc.

  28. You put it so beautifully some fans really don’t know where to draw the line in terms of expectations

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