1. I just watched it and it did feel lesbian to me, it felt genuinely lesbian and it was a really good and satisfying watch. Each episode felt like a movie. I finished it yesterday and I'm rewatching soon.

  2. I'm on episode 3 and it doesn't seem that lesbian to me so far. I'm sure I saw all the hype talking about the two main 'lesbian characters' and they seem bisexual

  3. I think I was mostly paying attention to Max although

  4. You think Carson and Greta are lesbians? I'm still only on episode 4. They do not feel lesbian at all

  5. Can someone please explain what an anxious-avoidant attachment style/relationship looks like?

  6. Attachment style is based on the individual so the relationship could look like many things. OP has an avoidant attachment style while their girlfriend has an anxious attachment. This behavior pattern results in an anxious-avoidant type relationship.

  7. Yeah, 3 and 4 were so disappointing. Should have just stuck with the original writer from S1.

  8. Yeah totally agree. I'd give anything for Phoebe to rewrite the last 2 series

  9. The LGBT community is embarrassing and I do not associate with it. I hate whenever I come out to someone new, they will assume I'm 'woke' and assume that I believe all the illogical bullshit that the community preaches

  10. Big same. Imagine the countries that are still on the verge of understanding homosexuality. They see all this gender bullshit and lump us all together. Acceptance just got worse not better.

  11. Totally agree. Up to a few years ago things were improving and came to a good point for lesbians/gay men in the west, then this has completely taken over and ruined the progress and it also ruining women's progress at the same time.

  12. Aww your welcome! There's definitely more lesbians stuck somewhere rural than you might think and I noticed your username and I watched Killing Eve too even though I'm kinda conflicted about it now but I have no one to vent with😂

  13. Why did you delete your account witchywanheda? Send me a chat

  14. gross. don't know if i'd be able to cope with that lol

  15. I'm a lesbian and insisting that I date men is rapey and homophobic.

  16. I agree and I am so sick of seeing "wlw", "sapphic" and "queer". They're all just ways to avoid saying lesbian or bisexual. They're both good words and I wish people would pick whatever one describes them and stop using the slur.

  17. 18 is super young. Kudos for being out so young! Seriously I came out when I was 25 and didn't get my first girlfriend until I was 27. I knew exactly zero lesbian in university. I'm not joking.

  18. How did you meet your gf at 27 if you don't mind me asking?

  19. I met her indirectly through OkCupid. I went on a date with a woman I had met on that app and there was no chemistry but she was nice enough so when she invited me to a drink with other women she knew, I thought why the hell not and decided to go and that's where I met my first girlfriend. But my most meaningful relationship (4 years) I met her on Tinder. So yes, dating apps work, directly or indirectly :)

  20. I feel the same for women's football players 😂

  21. I'm struggling to get the balance between stepping away from it and staying online to find people with similar views as myself. I come online and every other subreddit or social media platform is full of the crazy queer discourse and this is the only sub that seems sane with like minded people. A lot of the time I think about just quitting it all for my mental health, it really gets me riled up whenever I come online

  22. I got banned for saying women who like men aren't lesbians even if they call themselves lesbians lmao

  23. Wtf is wrong with that sub? 🙄 there's so many bi girls who call themselves lesbians which is so insulting

  24. It's a toxic hugbox where everything, no matter how nonsensical or harmful, is sOoO vALiD bAbEs! and any form of nuanced discussion regarding said validity is, to them, morally tantamount to shoving a lit stick of dynamite up a puppy's ass.

  25. Well you're spot on there 😂 plus majority of the mods are men

  26. He said he could tell I was submissive in bed by the way I write HAHA! That came out of nowhere.

  27. He told me he could tell I loved a dominant woman in boxers after about one message. And that's the opposite of what I generally like 😂

  28. I was so disappointed when they released ugh! and love me as I didn't think they were very good. I was so wrong 🤦🏼‍♀️


  30. Lol no judgement here. Thanks for the link!

  31. Matty loves this band and obviously ripped it off lol

  32. I'm fucking hilarious and I'm quite a good cook 😂

  33. POTB has been compared to the birthday party from notes, the fourth album

  34. Definitely my chest. Since puberty I always hated how big it was and hated how it looked in shirts. Somehow realising I'm a lesbian made me way more comfortable with it, I guess because I admire other woman's boobs 😂 we also recently found out there is the BRCA gene within my family and one of the treatments is breast removal which freaked me out and made me appreciate my chest way more. Thankfully I don't have the gene!

  35. Lemony Snicket's a series of unfortunate events!

  36. A truly disappointing lead single and surprisingly vocally not really up to par. If you compare this to the city, love me, give yourself a try and people - it is so far away. It’d be like releasing Jesus Christ as the lead single off the last record. Big shame but hopefully the album is better!

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