1. bitch is dumb just stfu man you are not deep

  2. i had really good experience with kanan at a college event. Such a gentleman and quite tall irl!

  3. this took at least 20 takes and he helped the set up

  4. Oh yes! The hair and coffee thing gets on my nerves the most. How is that even content? Say it once but every freaking day that’s her morning story. Find her a bit pretentious honestly.

  5. and don't forget lip balm something association president

  6. "god chose you" and this is what you do with it!

  7. new zealand and Australia have such affordable sunscreens in 1l packaging i don't know why we cant have that in India

  8. i used to but but after a while it got so annoying because her whole personality is look white boy likes me! and I just can not

  9. its weird to see people in their 30s behave like teenagers

  10. at least they got Karan's casting right. he looks like a crusty 100+ years old

  11. He definitely does. But in TVD cast looked like 20ish which made sense cause they’re turned at that age and stayed the same forever. But he looks 40+ , did he turn at 40 then in this show? [general curiosity]

  12. doubt it. I think they will insist that the main cast turned at 20 something

  13. wow i would have never guessed she was bad in school!

  14. I didn't know about these two before this sub. Do they ever talk about anything but themselves on any of the platforms?

  15. Just because you cannot grasp science does not mean it's not real. it just means you are too dumb

  16. the hair makeup clothes is all very kylie two years ago

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