1. 10 Team 0.5 PPR First Round Choose 1:

  2. 0.5, so think I’ve got a decent shot at it as long as the AZ DEF can keep the Pats out of the end zone

  3. Fair, might have been more realistic to say that Matt Patricia keeps the Pats out of the end zone rather than the AZ defense

  4. Happy cake day! Your wish better be that he ends up on any team other than the Astros

  5. Only need 1 of these 4 to start FYI

  6. 6 pt. lead and he has no one left. Win is secured.

  7. I see this as an overpay. ETN isn't much of an upgrade over Pierce alone from my perspective (might be biased as a Pierce owner). But he has taken over not just the entire rushing load but also the passing game so there is plenty of value in him.

  8. Right now I’m sitting at 5-5 in 7th but first is a 3 way tie at 7-3

  9. This doesn't make the decision any easier haha. Like I said, I think it's going to come down if you think Kelce>Higbee outweighs Cousins

  10. A lot of you need to realize that if we trade for Sean Murphy, it is going to be with the intention of him being the undisputed starter at Catcher for the at least next couple years. We are not giving up a haul and a half to have him take the LHP side of the platoon with Naylor lmao. He is not only a gold glove winner, but a silver slugger caliber player. Murphy is great NOW, Naylor has proven nothing yet.

  11. I agree in that Murphy is going to be our starter if he’s suiting up for us next year. We saw Bo for 8 ABs last year. Completely different players, but it’s a lighter scale of the Padres getting Soto. Yes, they gave up a lot of players who COULD be great for a player who IS great. There is still plenty of room for them to coexist. Murphy played 116 games at catcher last year and 30 as a DH. That leaves 46 games at catcher for Naylor and any of those other 116 games for him to get some time at DH. Even if it’s only 40% of those games, that’s another 46 games for Naylor. With those numbers that close to 300 ABs for the season, which helps determine whether or not he can be the future behind the plate or not.

  12. Yeah I totally get it. I think you can accept either deal and feel pretty good about it but there’s obviously potential for buyer’s remorse.

  13. So I'm going all in. Guy accepted, denied, and then accepted for one change. His WRs are "cheeks" according to him so he didn't want to get rid of Diggs. Here was the final trade...maybe I gave up too much, but time will tell.

  14. Sounds good. I'd probably grab Pacheco; seems like he might be the guy to own in KC now.

  15. I just dropped Dobbins for him, haven’t really gotten an update (we only have a single IR spot which is where I have Jamo stashed)

  16. Ehhhh. I think you hold Fields for now. Allen could be banged up, he's playing in a foot of snow this feels like keeping Fields here as a safety valve works.

  17. I see your point, I’m just really trying to not have to decide between one or the other week-to-week. Would love to have a Diggs/Allen stack, and think that Fields’ value won’t be any higher than after playing the Lions (I’m a Lions fan so it was nice to see us pull out the win even with him going off)

  18. 0.5 PPR 12 team league. We're doing 3 keepers next year

  19. If you need an RB2 I think this is a good trade. We've seen that even when they are losing they still feed him. Looking at my league (10 team) picks that would land in your 6th round included Waller, Knox, Thielen and the likes. 5th Round picks were Kittle, J. Jacobs, G. Davis, ARSB. So I think having those two 5th rounders can help take some pressure off from this trade.

  20. Yes! I was thinking earlier how I haven’t seen anyone else talk about him. At first he was an after thought from the NLW packs (chose Bard and Machado first couple ones) and took Freddie with my 3rd. Pissed I waited till then to take him cause dude is electric.

  21. Who are you starting for the Patriots bye? I picked up LV since they are facing Indy but also available are:

  22. This might sound crazy…but I’m rolling with Seattle against Tampa

  23. I just saw the Jeff Saturday news this morning. I feel even better about LV against Indy, no? They’re obviously trying to tank, if Jeff tries to change anything it could create even more offensive issues.

  24. I just think LVs defense is poopy. They’ve given up 20+ every week. And I think too many times we see a teams HC get fired and they come out firing next week. Not to say that will 100% happen, but we will see.

  25. Idk if you have had the chance to look but they do not carry over

  26. I did see! Luckily I got them collected for the last one.

  27. Back to original question, I think that is a fair trade. Bolsters his RB room and gives you the top 2 pass catchers in Miami (hell, based on scoring the league almost). I'm a Lions fan too, and Swift scares me every week. Williams has shown and taken some of his reps away, too.

  28. Just got an offer of Diggs + Higbee for Jacobs + Godwin. With my RB depth, I should take this, right? I don't value Higbee at all since I have Ertz, but I think ending up with the following starting team is worth it:

  29. I drafted Pitts, TE has been hell.

  30. Especially since Dalton is starting again this week. He’s had a lot more production with Dalton compared to with Winston so far (especially if you take out his long TD run in Week 1)

  31. Pollard since Zeke is more than likely out. Bears defense against the run has been poor this year.

  32. I’m in this picture and I don’t like it

  33. Oh my fucking god. I’m an idiot.

  34. My MLB feed says they got 2 mound visits that inning and nestor is still in? How does that work?

  35. “No way hedges is running. If he is, it’s the sign of the apocalypse”

  36. What do we think the lineup looks like today? Owen Miller at 1B with a LHP? Or does Tito get into his bag of tricks and play Arias at 1B

  37. Dark times when Miami had Treadwell and EMU had English…at the same time. Rough couple of years.

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