1. Whenever I see WWEX I think its some new wrestling promotion.

  2. The two best girlboss/malewife ships.

  3. She’s trying to get a car from Big Bill Heck’s Cars

  4. Dabi and Shego would make for a hot couple.

  5. Misread that as FATAL and was quite confused

  6. There's a calm before the storm

  7. Unpopular opinion: Hook in a hoodie reminds me of Norman on the first episode of Gravity Falls

  8. When we win you should draw the beaten up cannon launching us into "playoff land"

  9. Seeing the Krusie kids makes me think of adult Susie carrying her kids and husband/partner on her back like they weigh nothing.

  10. This is adorable. Would buy children’s book.

  11. Come to think of it Tetsu’s quirk could probably allow him to be ahem “with” FP.

  12. Ibara and Hunter... she's got vines for hair and he's a tree! It's perfect!

  13. Strong Sad as Pam is making me imagine him using Goobliss as the dolphin puppet

  14. I mean with the current car now’s really not a good time for a tire war.

  15. Why'd it turn Woolie into Asuka?

  16. Phil Barkdoll or Kirk Shelmerdine.

  17. Maya's an interesting pick. I could see channeling/tail fun.

  18. I mean ideally it’s Dekutoga, or at least Toga as a part of Izuku’s harem.

  19. Then that’s doubly delicious!

  20. What language is this? Polish? Hungarian?

  21. Can't believe MJF's only 26. Man's got a long, and absolutely stacked, career ahead of him.

  22. Hunter: This better not awaken anything in me.

  23. “Confederate Currency” Chris Hamrick.

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