1. We’re prolly gonna be using Java/ python….although it depends on which one is best suited for the specific project

  2. Nope I'm an international student studying at a foreign university outside the US.

  3. Well, then I was in a similar situation as you…I‘ve transferred from an Indian university to UT Dallas this fall

  4. Oh shit! That sucks…I really can’t afford to defer. My advisor finally reached out to me today. She is asking me to fill out TCEP(transfer credit earned prior to UTD) for each course…it’s so goddamn tedious!…and I have no clue which course is equivalent to the ones I have taken at my previous institution. And apparently TCEP requires the approval of associate dean…I can’t see this process getting completed within a week…I’m really really tensed right now. And there are barely any classes left to register…

  5. Mines kanika thompson. I think she doesnt give a damn about us students. I dont know why they are there?

  6. Mine is Kanika Thompson too…I’m having the same trouble contacting her…first emailed her a month ago…didn’t receive a response…I’ve tried calling her as well…to no avail…i need to get a look at my final transfer credit report(since I’m a transfer student and my latest set of credits haven’t been updated in Orion yet)…and it’s preventing me from registering for classes…very frustrating!

  7. Hi there…fellow international student…can totally relate….it’s been a month since I first mailed my CS reply at all…I’ve heard that they haven’t replied to students who have mailed them way back in march…it’s so frustrating…I have a cannot register hold on my account…which prevents me from registering for classes without meeting my advisor.

  8. Have you tried to call them directly if you can? I never email them because they simply do not respond. Try calling them if you can.

  9. Yep…have tried calling them on the numbers listed on the website…they haven’t respond to calls either:(…I called the ECS office a couple of times in the last week, just to have them tell me that I should be more patient, and that the advisors are swamped with work.

  10. Hi…do you mind letting me know the name of the advisor who responded to your mail, that is of course if you are majoring in CS too

  11. Yep..same..I have been assigned to Kanika Thompson too…and you are right…I haven’t received any sort of response from her. I have mailed Omari Kemp too…I only received an automated email from him asking me to fill a blank flowchart…is that what happened to you too?

  12. Hi, I’m ECS as well…didn’t get a response from my advisor for about a month…how did you find out that your counsellor has changed?

  13. Due the my counselor taking so long, I wanted to double check is she was still hired and my counselor. She wasn’t.

  14. Lmao…I heard this actually happens quite often…if you don’t mind…could you let me know how can I check if my counsellor is still hired?

  15. 23M here. I too have huge tits. Kaavalante Nenu kooda lingerie lo catwalk chestha

  16. Bondha garu,Huge tits ante saripodhu. Maaku konni konni proofulu kaavali. Dhani batti decision untundhi

  17. No…I wasn’t aware of this…what exactly is the transfers connection village?

  18. Are iPads allowed? Ironic how we’re supposed to give our exams on e-pads, yet we can’t use laptops/iPads in classrooms.

  19. i've got my first offline classes since i started using goodnotes tomorrow morning lol. will update

  20. Thanks a lot! Will be really helpful. Honestly there’s nothing as convenient as goodnotes lol

  21. Applying as an International Transfer student from India. Presently enrolled as a CS major at a University outside the United States. Completed 2 semesters of college(44 credits in Indian system).

  22. Hi. For another student to compare their experience to yours will require that they come from the same educational system, have the same academic credentials and be applying to the same major. However, your GPA and English proficiency look good. Your chances will likely depend on whether you have transferable credits for the specific courses that are prerequisites for transfer into the College of Engineering (

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