1. I know Jesus, he is amazing. He and his guys totally killed my yard work problems.

  2. Just be honest moderators you guys are liberal and you don't like conservatives that's how reddit is......

  3. The low pay is a lie. Google the salary scale for what district you want to work in. You’ll see six figures for a masters degree. This is Cali tho. Every other state is shit pay but you’ll make really solid money here so go for it!!

  4. I am vengeance I am the dark knight that protects this city You cannot see me

  5. a person from the wrestling club shitting on the nerf club? thats kinda messed up

  6. I never forget those who are disrespectful toward my friends

  7. still cringe Ɛ> they reserved it and had every right to ask u to leave; plus what nick da man said abt cheering on the theft bc they inconvenienced you once is also scummy

  8. I get that but when you act like an asshole on our way out u deserve what comes to you

  9. They are parasites and the scum of the earth. They do nothing for this university

  10. 10th planet Sacramento. World champion Bre Stikk trains there.

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