1. I recently bought the roasted almond version from Sam's Club. Love it.

  2. I tried looking at my local Publix and didn't find it. I may have not been looking hard enough lol.

  3. This is kind of off topic, but how did you feel the first month? I'm getting the VSG on the 1st, and I was trying to find out how much time off of work I should take off after. I heard some people go back to work after a few days, but I don't want to get sick or suffer at work.

  4. I took a few days off of work, but I had my surgery the Thursday before NYE. Than I worked from home for a week after. Once I was back in my office it wasn't bad.. everyone's tolerance is different. My surgeon advised 3 weeks 6 max.

  5. This isn't about them.. this is a choice for yourself and yourself alone. Don't let someone else discourage you for bettering yourself and your health. Your husband is supportive and that is what counts!

  6. I can't. My dietitian told me the point of eating slow is to make sure you stop when you're full. So I eat fast, but measure EVERYTHING to make sure I'm not eating too much in one sitting.

  7. I measure everything too. Sometimes I finish it what is on my plate nd sometimes I get full before finishing it and than I feel like I ate too fast.

  8. Right now all my surgeon has me on is 4 bariatric fusion multivitamins daily and 1 b12 shot a month. Every programs different.

  9. I bought some compression tanks off of Amazon as most of my extra skin was in the stomach/manboob area. You can buy knockoff spanx and other shapewear items that can help improve your clothed silhouette for pretty cheap on Amazon. The quality can be questionable but they always worked for me.

  10. I'm 16 days post-op as well.. I'm still on full liquids until next week after I see my surgeon..What does your surgeon say as far as what diet stage you're suppose to be in? Every surgeon is different.

  11. You are not alone.. mine does the same all the time.

  12. I’m 6 months out and have way more energy. Just remember to pack water and high protein snacks when you hike/exercise. If you begin to feel winded take a break, nibble on the snack for a bit… should be fine….especially since you have a history with hiking.

  13. This is how I explained it to him.. he just worries because it is something new 😊

  14. She told me in the beginning I would be very fatigued, which I understand that. I was just curious for in the future.

  15. Take your medications like your suppose to, you'll be sore afterwards.. and bring a pillow to help brace your abdomen while sneezing and coughing.

  16. The easiest way in Baritastic is to click on the plus sign at the bottom, then click on water. You can change the number of ounces per glass and then you just click on the image of a glass for each glass you drink. Or if you don't like that, then you can just log it on your daily log the same as anything else.

  17. Thanks. That's what I was currently doing. Was not sure if there was another way.

  18. If you getting up slowly and feeling dizzy try sitting in that position for a couple of minutes before standing. If you aren't already. And it wouldn't hurt to check your BP. Even if its for your own reference.. if it continues I'd atleast take it to your primary care and see what they say.

  19. i have my first consultation with my surgeon in 6 hours, grats

  20. That's awesome!! Congrats. Are you also adding in any kind of exercise?

  21. My 8 year old daughter has done this since she slept in her crib. She still does this now. I have asked her about it and she told me it helps her fall asleep.

  22. Now I am not dad but, both myself and husband can relate. We were the first ones in our group of friends as well. It was definitely a adjustment for both of us. Trying to juggle a new baby and being around friends who had no idea what it was like being parents. So you are not alone in feeling like this. I can remember when our oldest daughter was born, my husband did feel left out because he didn't have the "same" kind of bonding as I did, especially in the beginning when I was breast feeding . This did not last long. I had a hard time with latching. I did explain to him that he had a special bond with our daughter, because he had his own ways of bonding with her. Eventually it became easier for him.

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