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  1. For sure. My 3 year old knows when a song has a beautiful melodic line and she gets emotional listening to them. Like the K.K. happy birthday song in animal crossing is just so moving melodically and harmonically that it made my daughter (then 12 months) cry. Bluey makes her cry alot too. I guess she's just overly emotional and sensitive lol. I try my best not to laugh when she cries though coz it's just so adorable

  2. Putting my 3 year old in preschool saved me from insanity. Try looking for a preschool. Mine goes 5 hours, 5 days a week. Burn out is real.

  3. 6 days of off and on fever. on the 5th day we went to ER just to have them check her ears and throat, nothing. it was just a cold. we both had miserable congestion but her fever took 6 days to completely go away without motrin/tylenol. that was about 3 weeks ago. now she still has the residual cough but totally back in good health.

  4. Happy you and your little are finally feeling better! How was her demeanor the whole time?

  5. I totally understand the worry. In those 6 days she has had the night sweats on and off. And like clockwork after the 8 hours since Motrin, the fever would return. Usually when she sweats, I know that the fever is breaking. She was mostly miserable due to the mucus but overall she was playing, eating (a bit less than normal) and just sleeping more. That's why we went to urgent care on the 5th day because it said when the fever doesn't go away in 3 days then go back to the Dr just to check for any potential bacterial infection that would need antibiotics. She was fine and dandy in the hospital though so we just continued with motrin when her fever would spike but the next day it was just gone, didn't need antibiotics. I think the fever is just part of her cold. If she's not lethargic, meaning she really can't stand up at all or walk and just wants to lie down the whole day then I wouldn't worry.

  6. send her to piano lessons. she might be too young but you can ask the teacher if they accept 3 year olds. some do but not many don't. I'm a piano teacher and my 3.3 year old is clearly musically inclined. i taught her 2 months ago and she can now literally read notes from the staff and memorize the songs, correct rhythm and all. like she plays better than my many of my 8 year old students. so yeah try piano lessons.

  7. The thing I like about watching your own TV show while toddler is there is that he doesn't zone in the screen and ends up doing other things like playing on his own because he's not interested in your show. So it's a win-win if you ask me.

  8. 2 hours a day. Don't care. She plays animal crossing or garageband in the ipad around 4-6pm when she gets home from preschool while I teach my music students at home then make dinner. when it's time to eat she doesnt fight so i don't see an issue. she learns a lot from the screen. can also play piano like 7 year olds and very independent in school.

  9. I think considering autism is always important though. We didn‘t get our daughter evaluated until 6, because I read through the list of symptoms and I didn‘t think she had it all. What I did not know about, is the extremly different pattern of symptoms for girls. She has benefited so much from the different focus classes at school, I can only imagine how much it would have helped if we had her evaluated earlier.

  10. Just curious, what characteristics did she have to warrant an autism diagnosis at an older age (6)?

  11. She was not able to initiate and carry on conversations with kids her age. She showed empathy, but had trouble figuring out peoples’ emotions. Her teacher recommended we have her tested. My family was convinced she was not on the spectrum. She is very intelligent and creative and can carry on amazing conversations with grown ups.

  12. Wow. I didn't know not being able to carry a conversation with your peers means you are autistic. Something like aspergers maybe? Definitely not severe? I remember growing up in normal school there were plenty of kids who never uttered a single word, barely had any friends all the way until graduation, none of whom were on the spectrum. This was in the Philippines though with 50 kids in a class and the homeroom teachers never do individual assessments so who knows. But these kids are grown up now and functioning members of society. Anyway, good to know. Good luck.

  13. "I love you in every universe" my favorite line in the film.

  14. my daughter just had a 6-day long fever with runny nose and cough last week. most likely got it from her first week of preschool. I was already freaking out since I thought it was already bacterial so on day 5 we brought her for a checkup and everything was clear. same with your daughter, fever only goes down with meds but spikes up after 8 hrs.

  15. commander niall and his two scouts one who happens to be levi ackerman

  16. I let my husband game until whatever time he wants while I go to bed on my own coz I prefer to sleep earlier. If you want intimacy then you guys can have some cuddle time before you go to sleep but I think it's unreasonable to let him sleep with you when he's clearly not sleepy yet and needs to be Elden Lord.

  17. It’s honestly horrible what is happening but I’m standing here and asking myself when will America learn to ban fire weapons like the rest of the civilized world.

  18. Not entirely ban but if the US made owning a gun incredibly difficult to do then maybe these could discourage some psychos. Sure some will find other ways to get it but if you had to go through a needle to own a gun legally then maybe the frequency of such shootings would be less. They'll be like "man owning a gun is such a pain" so they'll just use the kitchen knife to feed their urge.

  19. "telepathically communicate". i have no words.

  20. I loved Rogier so much, idk he looked so cool. At first when I met him as a phantom before Margit's fight I thought " lmao who is this bum ", but Idk, came to like him after that

  21. I love this guy too his voice is also kinda hot lol

  22. I don't mind letting my 3 year old watch tv while eating dinner with the family. We all watch Bluey together during meals lol it's our only TV time as a family, we love talking about the show while eating anyway. And I just repeat and repeat "eat please, use your spoon" while she's watching and she does put the food in her mouth on her own while watching. If the food is hard to put in the spoon (like rice and separate meats) I just scoop the food in the spoon and she holds the spoon to put it in her mouth. Some meals like mac n cheese or noodles that are easy to eat she's able to finish on her own even with the TV on.

  23. If they're already playing in school then I wouldn't stress over playdates. Maybe she wants to spend more alone time with her kid when he's not in school. But rejection sucks, I know. My 3 year old always gets pushed away by these two neighborhood toddler girls who are bestfriends. Sad because the two moms are friends of mine and my daughter only wants to be friends. I quit bringing my kid to that park and started hanging out in this other park with older kids and these older kids are so much sweeter and kinder to my toddler.

  24. Sounds exactly like my birth story. I don't feel bad at all and don't give a single shit about women saying "it's the easier way". Why? Because I praise the science and the doctors that got my baby out safely. The risk for birth injury in thay scenario is so high that the c-section is a God-send. Women who are all about natural birth and reject medicine are narcissists to me. They feel like they have accomplished something great for refusing medical assistance despite the increased risk.

  25. But have you tried locating the Redmane Castle Painting...

  26. No those are the start and end of classes, commute is another 30mins before and after school. So I remember very early mornings, getting on the bus at 6:30am and getting home at 4:30ish to do homework, practice my hobbies etc. We never go out as a family on schooldays, only on Sundays.

  27. That’s rough. Did you enjoy such long day when you were pre-teen?

  28. No, i just wanted school to end. But it was character-building. Things were hard but you just had to push through. Looking back now, I think school was less on academics and more on perseverance, just dealing with hardship, strength, discipline. School was priority number one. And everyone was going through the same thing so there was no reason to feel like I was going through it alone.

  29. I beat the Tree Sentinel at level 15 but it took me 4 hours. I wanted to beat him so badly because it took my husband just 4 tries to beat him on the same level.

  30. Most of the popular posts here sound like many people I know except they didn't have shitty parents. Not everything someone becomes is because of their parents, good or bad. Give parents a fucking break.

  31. Fuck tiktok honestly. So much garbage in there.

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