1. Myrtle: steals Durin's clothes to avoid being picked for missions

  2. Is Durin even a Durin or just a smol elf?

  3. 401328 380750 752424 547123 392154 381524 344404

  4. Now that I think about it, this meme wouldn't make much sense to most people since they skip the story sections. Not that I blame them.

  5. You can just make new twitch accounts and keep relinking for more drops lol

  6. It ain't honest, it ain't much, but meth

  7. Fusion reactions are so easy to create, that they occur naturally. Just look at that star.

  8. Damn I want my one platinum back

  9. I’m looking at this at 10:32 in my time zone??? holy shit, what a coincidence

  10. WTF 10:32 In my timezone and a happy birthday to me!

  11. I don't even think this will be possible since it take two men to loud this shell.

  12. The first vehicle that dies if has less than 3 crew members?

  13. I’m pretty sure the standard middle finger is used in Britain/England due to its origins.

  14. They cutted their index finger so the archers learned to shoot the bow with the middle finger and then rissing it at the enemy

  15. *literally the entire world except america moment

  16. Episode 2, if you’re looking for this woman.

  17. an anime? of this early access that barely gets updates?

  18. If it's not a custom skin make it one

  19. Im with StrawberryParfet, pure entertainment

  20. This is what caused then to increase the grind , there r dudes who spend 5 years in game and they hesitate to spend 5 bucks in the game

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