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Bernie Sanders message to Fox News viewers

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  1. Ha Ha Ha, it's funny because its political and trendy. So Dank.

  2. It will have to be a change of pace now, no more talking about Sesame street, avoiding salad and operas as there will be a ton to cram in the final book.

  3. So other than collecting solar energy in the night (after conversion losses) i'm not sure how big a game changer this could be in relation to cost. Also does that EM energy affect/interact with the ozone?

  4. I think it's mostly that the actual collection is in space. That means there's no atmospheric disturbance and it can run 24/7. Space arrays can also be arbitrarily big so you could theoretically get much more power than is available on Earth.

  5. THAT is the exact kind of leadership Twitter needs, activism becomes a full time job for some of these headjobs.

  6. Having an awesome dev tell you 'oh coding is easy' is like being 40 and having a 20 year old gym bro tell you 'dude losing weight is simple - just hit the gym and eat less'.

  7. What really frustrates me is how the whole western world is happy to let China get away with treating foreigners like vermin, but any misdemeanour by a western nation is met with scorn and outrage like it's unheard off. Western nations don't care about protecting their people in China.

  8. This meme violates rules for being dank and made by someone without a neckbeard.

  9. My only issue with Bernie is lack of realism, rather than asking for all those things, if he concentrates on just one ... he might have a chance of moving the needle a little bit.


  11. We should really make the 1 trillion lions versus the sun fight to see who will win.

  12. Totally! Also don't discount their bravery and cunning!

  13. It's happening! Got to save a few squirrels first but we're going!

  14. Dumb meme, excellent template! Care to share the blank? This template has potential

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