1. My dermatologist recommended a scar gel with silicone.

  2. They didn't mention a specific brand, just as long as it has silicone.

  3. Every activity outside of playig video games either is too boring or pisses me off too much

  4. I know people are giving you a hard time but it honestly is really frustrating when people don't acknowledge how truly difficult this is, especially when you have introverted hobbies.

  5. What, specifically, about writing papers fills you with dread?

  6. I struggle the most with wording things, especially in a way that sounds academic and not repetitive. It's even worse when it's a summary (which is what I'm working on now) and I have to say the same thing as the reading but just different words.

  7. Is the paper a summary? Or is the summary where you are starting the paper? Asking so I can give better advice.

  8. As someone who mildly relates to the kid (not violent but in so much pain it makes me angry for having to stay alive), I wish they could just let him kill himself. It seems so goddamn cruel forcing him to keep suffering.

  9. In a perfect world, Surjamte finished Capital Riften Expansion and went on to create Capital Markath and Capital Solitude; Completing the major cities overhaul and solidifying itself as a staple among many load orders. But this is not a perfect world.

  10. Yeah true, my next new unrealistic expectation is for someone to make their own version based off of his progress vids lol.

  11. I was in Italy for four months and my HS went away, could be because I lost about 20 lbs there. I definitely ate a lot of wheat, tomatoes, sweets, etc.

  12. Do you know which symptoms determine how effective it might be? I haven't asked my doctor specifically about that.

  13. It's all BS but at least it's the BS we like and want ti hear.... That's what nice people do, it's just showing compassion. It can be true and it is true that there is always someone better or maybe it means lower your fqn standards and learn to settle. After all your mom and dad probably weren't each others first or true love yet here we are.

  14. I'd imagine there's something in between "you'll find the one eventually 🥰" and "you're unlovable and you will be sad forever." Doesn't have to be either or.

  15. Sometimes wanting to move on, and giving things time just doesn't work. Some people's brains just aren't capable of it. Everyone is different.

  16. I'm not gonna say it's objectively bad, but I just don't like Stranger Things (except the first season). I think the writing is kinda bad.

  17. Many people are emotionally detached because of the pain that has been inflicted on them. That doesn't make them wrong for being detached, or you more right for being unattached. Or vice versa. We are all products of our experiences. You can read others' experiences without feeling as jaded as they feel, that's not a difficult adult thing to do. It's just hearing what other people have been through, taking the information in, and proceeding as you feel you need to. They may have VERY different feelings than you do, it doesn't make them lacking in empathy, nor does it make them (or you) right or wrong about how to handle a situation. It's just information, dude.

  18. When I say lacking in empathy I just mean people who dismiss the feelings of or ridicule those who are more emotionally attached. I definitely understand the flip side of being detached and jaded as well.

  19. Sorry, I think I misunderstood your point earlier. Being a tiny bit broken (like lots of us are) definitely is a challenge and either that or my own derp caused me to miss out that you're defending those going through some shit who others are hard on.

  20. It's all good I could have worded it a lot better honestly.

  21. I have never used it consistently so I can't say personally how much it works, but my derm prescribed tretinoin and said it can help with scarring.

  22. Or he doesnt need to be shoved tits and ass every other minute in very japanese style.

  23. Yeah it's this but gotta be careful what I say about that on Reddit 😳

  24. I mean you could unlock the Gray XOF and Sniper Wolf outfits in game

  25. Yeah, I more so wanted something to change what she wears from the beginning though. Do those outfits show up in cutscenes?

  26. Every time someone says "this (insert show/movie/etc) helped me with my breakup" it's always something that the person I'm trying to get over liked, and so all it does it remind me of them, and just confirms nothing is gonna help me get over them.

  27. As someone who has felt legitimately traumatized over a fuckboy (to the point where my therapist has validated that) but still has so much doubt and worries that I'm just overemotional, this whole situation has been...something else. It definitely has made me feel considerably worse and just even more confused about my own situation.

  28. You shouldn't paint medication as all good. You're fucking with dopaminergetic pathways. Eventually it will take a toll. If I had known that it could cause anxiety and depression I would have dealt with it sooner.

  29. You know what else can cause panic attacks and severe depression? ADHD that isn't being properly managed, and for many medication is the only way to do so.

  30. I am his patient🤷🏾‍♀️ you never interacted with him don't know me from a can of paint but you real judgy. She never uploaded her medical records, did you not comprehend what she said? But she expects a recommendation with no proof. It don't work like that.

  31. Well I've heard of many people being able to get a card without documentation so I thought I'd just try. If it was because of that, then he should have told me to try again with proper documentation instead of only saying "try again with a note saying you don't have a history of suicidal ideation."

  32. I have not heard of that being a problem before. There is no rule or law that says this.

  33. Moustafa Maita with NuggMD I think. To be fair I didn't provide documentation (My therapist and I discussed me having CPTSD but don't have a paper diagnosis, and I also have insomnia) so maybe that contributed to it but he specifically said the reason was he doesn't give a card to people with a history of suicidal ideation.

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