1. I mean like... I get it. but I played some mesh heads/low vol cymbal set up for the first time at GC and it was awful. They don't sound like anything especially the heads. Not satisfying at all. I'd rather play my cheap e-kit

  2. Yes. It was the other guy at the dinner that brought up the thing about WWI.

  3. I think it was Mark's focus in his teaching. WWI was his area of study. Which is why the idiot friend said no one called it WW1.

  4. Nah i came here to say the same thing but it was the top comment

  5. first thing I noticed was the photo printed T-shirt. Seems like a thing they started to sell at shopping malls in the 90s ... then I saw the CR hat. House is definitely early to mid 80s if not late 70's. Paneling, plaid couch. Probably grandmas's house.

  6. LOL at "...and there is also the Rockies"

  7. I still use my 10+ as my daily driver. I saved my Note8 to use with my electronic drums. I left it plugged in and one day I tried to use it and the back glass was popping off. Battery swollen. NOt sure if it had to do with it being left on the charger or not tho.

  8. I even think she has a Kier bobblehead type thing on her desk at work too. Are these "perks"?

  9. at this point in history it's the only thing separating real artists from the AI art bots. For some reason they suck at hands.

  10. is this an official set or kitbashed from other sets? I love the idea of reusing older pieces.

  11. Not a Roto tom, but a Remo SPOXE. Terry Bozzio started using the bottoms of roto toms and in the late 80s early 90s endorsed a solid cast (no lug holes) product called SPOXE. They ring like a bell with few overtones, came in sizes from 4" to 20" As far as I know, they are discontinued and Terry is the only touring drummer that still uses them.

  12. I think Dale from Melvins had two of them set up like hihats on one of his kits at one point.

  13. Now you can learn how to sing "the boy eats the apple" in any key or style.

  14. yea this is what I was wondering... can anyone on insta listen or is it just for YTM people? I've never used Spotify and I'm THAT guy when people share stuff with me.

  15. I go to Disneyland about once a week and I see so many giants fans. It's one of the few places in southern California I feel comfortable wearing my giants gear to.

  16. Being there in Oct during the playoffs there was an understood rivalry vibe with LA gear wearers but we were at Disneyland so it was very friendly. Haha. Lots of "it was the wind" jokes.

  17. I agree BotW needed diving and sailing. However I think they should make a whole game centered on these activities, and TotK looks like it is based on air and flight gameplay.

  18. You just made me think about how you have to create your own wind for the raft sail. Then I thought about how your arrow always flies straight. Just now realizing that despite there being very evident weather changes in BOTW, there's no wind in the game. (I don't play many games) are there any games where wind is a factor?

  19. someone's "Babe" wrote all on this baseball I got at a yard sale for 50 cents. WTF?

  20. Happy March. I still have the November patch.

  21. I still believe in my heart of hearts that someone could make a good comedy [probably more a show than a movie] about a public defender's office. If they wanted to avoid talking about serious crime, I think they make it some "municipal public defender's office" but I also think they could do I normal office that handles misdemeanors and felonies and just try not to make too much light of shit that would inflame people until people get enough into the show to actually understand "This wasn't a strangulation, it was rough sex with regret," is actually a thing and not some "slimey defense attorney" thing.

  22. There was an attempt at this in 2014 -- a show called

  23. There's a new show coming to ABC called Public Defenders with some recognizable names. Not sure how much of the job they'll actually grasp. In 'Benched' the true problems facing PD offices everywhere ended up being punch lines.

  24. It wouldn't even have to be a comedy. People are addicted to true crime these days. Just have a reality documentary series where the host throws a dart at a map of the US and they go to the nearest PD office and just follow them with cameras for a week and depending on where you land you'd be guaranteed to see shady DA's, lying cops, overly opinionated, ego-maniac judges who don't know shit about the actual law, underfunded & overworked stressed out PD's, lack of translators & expert witnesses and a bunch of innocent defendants waiting in jail. Drama, action, comedy, and tragedy of the US Justice system.

  25. I’m guessing that she made an assumption that if mark is in otc mode, that means that most likely the others are in on it, and the most damaging person at that moment was Helly since she was part of the big conference which I’m assuming Cobell knew about. She needed Milchik to stop Dylan, so he was occupied and could not stop Helly. She figured If she had to stop one, and has limited time, she needed to stop Helly. Which is also why she hid the baby to waste some of Marks time while in OTC and allow her to escape without being followed. And if she called out Mark, she essentially could have had multiple people gang up against her - Marks sister, brother in law, maybe others at the party, etc. she was outnumbered. Idk, just a guess from my side.

  26. Helly was the biggest risk but even when she sees her at the gala she's not sure at first. But it was a safe assumption since they were all "farting around the halls" together.

  27. her left arm looks like it was generated by AI

  28. BotW will factually (read that again) go down as one of the greatest games ever made. Full stop. Not everyone likes it, but the accolades, fan reception and impact it has had on the gaming industry (how much its discussed and games that have copied since release) backs this up. I am not saying it is THE greatest game ever made, but it will go down as one of the best ever. So... people can say tech demo all they want or call TotK a DLC all they want - it isn't true.

  29. right? just because it was innovative doesn't mean it was a demo. FFS it's an all time top 5 game.

  30. no more Succession? who's gonna win all the emmys now?

  31. ooh I love this one too. Just the right amount of peppermintyness.

  32. I'd suggest not trusting a boxscore app that uses Comic Sans as its main font.

  33. or worse that's their phone's system font. I like to talk shit on people who set their font to stupid shit but I blame Samsung for having a crappy selection of default font choices.

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